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Education for All: Global Promises, National Challenges Vol: 8

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11 May 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
568 pages - 156 x 234 x 45mm
International Perspectives on Education and Society


Since the World Conference on Education for All (EFA) in Jomtien, Thailand in 1990, the push for modern mass schooling has become a primary focus of national education policymakers and researchers around the world. The EFA declaration that grew out of this conference served as a culmination of a century-long movement to transform existing national educational systems into the most comprehensive mass system of schooling ever devised. Comparative education researchers have been studying both the promises and the challenges surrounding EFA for decades, but in comparative education research literature there is still neither consensus on the impact that EFA has nor clearly identified global trends in either EFA policymaking or policy implementation. It seems that for every promise that EFA brings, there is an accompanying challenge. It is this struggle between the global promises and the national challenges that this volume of "International Perspectives on Education and Society" seeks to identify and explain. Chapters range from critical syntheses of EFA policymaking or policy implementation to original comparative education research on the impact that EFA has had in specific nations or across clusters of nations. It compares and contrasts the promises of EFA v. implementation of policy. The international contributions ensure global coverage of content. It is part of the "International Perspectives on Education and Society" series.
Education for All: Paradoxes and Prospects of a Global Promise. The Political Dimensions of International Cooperation in Education: Mechanisms of Global Governance to Promote Education for All. The Market, the Nation and the School: EFA in Times of Globalization and Nationalism. Grounds for Prioritizing Education for Girls: The Telling Case of Left-Behind Rural China. Inclusive Education as a Strategy for Achieving Education for All: Perspectives from Three Asian Societies. In Pursuit of EFA: Expanding and Enhancing Multigrade Schooling in Bhutan. Every Child in School: The Challenges of Attaining and Financing Education for All in India. State and Civil Society Response to Education for All: Linking Global Dreams to National Realities in Peru. The Education of Youth and Adults in Mexico more than 15 Years after Jomtien: Global Promises, National Challenges. The Reform for EFA in Mexico: Disappointing Progress, could do Better. Education for All and its Influence on at-risk Student Policy in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Education for All in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects and Challenges. Teacher Quality and Education for All in Sub-Saharan Africa. Challenges of Rebuilding Education in Crisis: Access to Universal Primary Education in Africa. How “Basic” is Basic Education?: Restructuring Basic Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa within the Context of EFA. Making Sense of the EFA from a National Context: Its Implementation, and Impact on Households in Ethiopia. Education for All: A Myth or Reality? Limitations of Implementing Education for All: The Sierra Leone Context. WCEFA: A Moment in the History of Multilateral Education. List of Contributors. Preface. Author Index. Subject Index.

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