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Education, Social Factors And Health Beliefs In Health And Health Care Vol: 33

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21 Sep 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Research in the Sociology of Health Care


This volume provides a unique sociological focus on education, social factors and health beliefs in health and health care, including a review of the literature to date. Beliefs and health beliefs are considered, including one study evaluating cross-national differences in public beliefs about the causes of health and the role of these beliefs in shaping attitudes to health policy. Another study focuses on the complexity and variation of health care system distrust across neighborhoods in one US city. The topic of education is addressed, including a focus on the importance of identification and intervention in low health literacy. Mental health issues are considered in the context of help-seeking, connections, transitions and utilization of care among adolescents. Social factors are reflected upon including race and ethnicity, literacy and socioeconomic status. Coverage also includes special and traditionally less visible populations, including the health of prisoners and carers of people with autism.
Education, Other Social Factors, and Health Beliefs and Health Care Services. The Politics of Health Beliefs: Cross-National Evidence. Examining the Complexity and Variation of Health Care System Distrust across Neighborhoods: Implications for Preventive Health Care. Education and Self-Awareness of Health: Toward a Better Understanding of Self-Rated Health. Psychological Distress, Nativity, and Help-Seeking among Filipino Americans. Connections and Transitions in Mental Health Care Organizations and Systems. Personal Religiosity and Mental Health Care Utilization among Adolescents. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Trust in Sources of Health Information: A Generalized Distrust in Physicians. Race and Socioeconomic Status: Public Perceptions toward Quality and Access to Care in the Affordable Care Act. A Place to Trust: Black Protestant Affiliation and Trust in Personal Physicians. Support for HIV Testing and HIV Criminalization among Offenders under Community Supervision. Becoming an Expert Autism Caregiver: Health Literacy and Community Catalysts. “It’s Not the Doctor – It’s Me”: How Self-Blame Obscures Language and Other Structural Barriers to Diabetes Care among Low-Income Latinos with Limited English Proficiency. Copyright page. Education, Social Factors, and Health Beliefs in Health and Health Care Services. List of Contributors. Research in the sociology of health care. Education, Social Factors, and Health Beliefs in Health and Health Care Services. Identifying and Mapping “Hot Spots” of Low Health Literacy: A Potential Tool to Guide Intervention.

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