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Educating Tomorrow: Learning for the Post-Pandemic World

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12 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 129 x 198mm
The post-pandemic world provides all of us with the opportunity to think differently about what we want for society. In Educating Tomorrow, Chris Brown and Ruth Luzmore explore what a post-Covid ‘blank slate’ education system could look like.  

Taking you on a journey which considers the past and present to inform their prediction of the obstacles and opportunities posed by a post-pandemic future, the authors present a new vision for the future of education which might not have been possible without the eruption of Covid-19. Offering up a range of proposals for how education can begin to emerge anew, and ultimately reach an improved destination, Brown and Luzmore showcase how even in the midst of unprecedented global challenges, it might be possible for us to revolutionise education systems for the better.
Chapter 1. Introduction - what would you do with a blank slate?   
Chapter 2. What will the future hold?
Chapter 3. A Brief History of Education – from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment
Chapter 4. Education in Britain 
Chapter 5. Rethinking the goals of education 
Chapter 6. From Universal Basic Income to Aristotle and back 
Chapter 7. Emotions, collaboration and creativity
Chapter 8. But what would all of this look like?
Chris Brown is Professor in Education at the School of Education, Durham University, UK. He is widely recognized for his innovative work driving forward our understanding as to how education can be improved.

Ruth Luzmore is a Primary School Head Teacher in London and PhD student at Durham University, UK. She has taught and led schools in England for over 15 years.
'This engaging book cleverly uses the past and the present to point the way to an education fit for the future. Change is forever with us, but, today, it is writ large and the needs of tomorrow will be unlike those of today. Thought about what should happen in schools has a tendency to focus on the minutiae of today’s practices in order to make them better for tomorrow. Refreshingly, this book looks at the bigger picture and provides a basis for more relevant practice. I will be recommending it to my students and colleagues.' - Professor Douglas P. Newton, Durham University, UK

'The coronavirus has ripped off the veneer of equity and the pretense of solidarity that existed in many societies previously and exposed the fundamental unfairness and unsustainability of our modern world order. Whatever the future holds after COVID-19, we should try at all costs not just to go back to the way things were as our default option. With Educating Tomorrow, Chris Brown and Ruth Luzmore draw upon the broad sweep of educational philosophy and current developments such as artificial intelligence and transhumanism to chart a better way forward. Written with verve and panache, this will be a welcome addition to every thinking person's library.' - Dennis Shirley, Duganne Faculty Fellow and Professor, Boston College, USA

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