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Educating Educators with Social Media Vol: 1

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17 Jan 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
422 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education


Social media are increasingly popular platforms for collaboration and quick information sharing. This volume is a collection of reports on how these technologies are being used to educate educators with social media in creative and effective ways. Social networking technologies enable the integration of students and alumni in co-curricular activities in exciting and still evolving ways. The use of wikis, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Yahoo Pipes, Diigo, Second Life, Moodle, and other Web 2.0 technologies are shown in vivid examples and insightful critiques. The processes, design, delivery and evaluation of instruction using social media are examined in detail and include such topics as: the use of social media in developing countries for new approaches to teaching as support for individual and peer-based learning; new teaching orientations premised on social media such as focused distraction; enhancing in-class participation; how instructors are increasing the technical expertise that is needed by educators to develop their own 21st century curricula projects; and, creating an ecosystem for life-long learning through social media.
PART 1 - VARIETIES OF SOCIAL MEDIA: PLATFORM, TECHNOLOGY, SPATIAL 1.New Directions in Teaching Technologies: Introduction to Educating Educators with Social Media, Charles Wankel, St. John's University 2.The Birth of a Social Networking Phenomenon, Joseph Rene Corbeil & Maria Elena Corbeil,University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College 3.Facebook and Education: A Classroom Connection?, Terri L. Towner, Oakland University, Caroline Lego Munoz, Fairleigh Dickinson University 4.Social Media for Higher Education in Developing Countries: An Intercultural Perspective, Malik Aleem Ahmed, Delft University of Technology PART 2 - PROCESSES IN LEARNING AND INSTRUCTION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA 5.A Social Media Approach to Higher Education, Marlyn Tadros, New England Institute of Art in Boston 6.Creating an Ecosystem for Life-Long Learning through Social Media: A Graduate Experience, Stella Porto, Gila Kurtz, & Lisa Blaschke, University of Maryland 7.The Networked Class in a Master Program: Personalization and Openness through Social Media, Lina Morgado, Universidade Aberta, Portugal PART 3 - DESIGN OF INSTRUCTION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA 8.Future Social Learning Networks at Universities: An Exploratory Seminar Setting, Nina Heinze, Knowledge Media Research Center, Wolfgang Reinhardt, University of Paderborn 9.Connecting Future Teachers with the Teachers of Today, Larysa Nadolny, West Chester University 10.Role of the Tutor in Enabling Student Learning through the Use of a Wiki, Martina A. Doolan, University of Hertfordshire, UK. 11.Technology Integration Can Be Delicious: Social Bookmarking as a Technology Integration Tool, Gloria Edwards, Georgian Court University, Barbra F. Mosley, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 12.Public Issues, Private Concerns: Social Media and Course Management Systems in Higher Education, Jeremy Sarachan & Kyle Reinson, St. John Fisher College PART 4 - DELIVERY OF INSTRUCTION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA 13.Web 2.0: Information Literacy, Libraries, and Pedagogies, Beth Martin, North Carolina State University 14. Social Annotation to Enhance Learning and Assessment in Higher Education David G. Lebow, CEO of HyLighter LLC, Dale W. Lick, Florida State University & HyLighter LLC, Hope J. Hartman, City University of New York, Campbell Dalglish, City University of New York, Oliver Grundmann, University of Florida 15.Our Head in the Cloud: Transforming Work on College Completion Diana D. Woolis, Knowledge in the Public Interest, Gail O. Mellow, LaGuardia Community College 16.Enhancing In-Class Participation in a Web 2.0 World, Steve Rhine, Willamette University, Mark Bailey, Pacific University PART 5 - EVALUATING INSTRUCTION THAT USES SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS 17.(Social) Media Literacy: Challenges and Opportunities for Educators, Mark Gammon & Joanne White, University of Colorado, Boulder 18.Social Media Killed the LMS: Re-imagining the Traditional Learning Management System in the Age of Blogs and Online Social Networks, Danielle M. Stern, Christopher Newport University, Michael D.D. Willits, Old Dominion University 19.Twitter in Higher Education, Kay Lehmann, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Lisa Chamberlin, University of Wisconsin-Stout

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