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Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives Vol: 14

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14 Jun 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development


"Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives" brings together recent, cutting-edge research on economic factors affecting peace and war. This important area of continuing research was the focus of an international conference held at the University of Sydney in June 2009 and these chapters are partly drawn from among the best contributions to that meeting. The book weaves together threads from a number of themes in current research including new theoretical perspectives on the economic foundations of peace, violence and war within countries, connections between international trade and inter-state conflict, and the role of legal/institutional factors in international and internal conflict. Through a focused exploration of these related topics emerge areas of scholarly consensus as well as areas of continued debate. International in scope, it is the only book to explicitly bring together economic, legal and political scholarship to focus on the problem of conflict. It employs a range of modern social science analytical methods, including qualitative cases, econometrics, and game-theoretic models, to rigorously advance understanding of conflict within and between countries.
List of Contributors. Acknowledgments. Foreword. Chapter 1 Introduction. Chapter 2 A method to compute a peace gross world product by country and by economic sector. Chapter 3 Privatising military prisons: The case of the United States. Chapter 4 Arms export controls and the proliferation of military technology. Chapter 5 Probing the roles of governance and greed in civil strife in West Africa. Chapter 6 Terrorism and violent internal conflict in post-soeharto Indonesia: Beyond the Jihadi prism of analysis. Chapter 7 Great expectations: Prospect theory and oil price volatility in Iran. Chapter 8 Does fiscal policy differ between successful and unsuccessful post-conflict transitions? Lessons from African Civil Wars. Chapter 9 The Collier challenge: how can reliable transitional financing systems be created in ‘barely functional’ states?. Chapter 10 Peace through trade? Econophoria in Northeast Asia. Chapter 11 Regional integration and militarised interstate disputes: An empirical analysis. Chapter 12 Economic integration, economic signalling and the problem of economic crises. Chapter 13 Terrorism, targeted economic sanctions and inadequate due process: the case of the Security Council's 1267 sanctions regime. Chapter 14 Compensation for civilian casualties in armed conflicts and theory of liability. Chapter 15 Economic factors in peace and war: A discussion. About the Authors. Author Index. Subject Index. Conflict management, peace economics and development. Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives. Copyright page.

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