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Economics of Religion: Anthropological Approaches Vol: 31

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25 Oct 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Research in Economic Anthropology


"The Economics of Religion" explores the new paradigms of "religious economics" and "economies of religion" under the scope of transdisciplinary and international perspectives. It examines and appraises some of the recent theoretical developments and methodological innovations in religious and social sciences. This volume offers the chance to extend the analysis of religious behaviours by means of conceptual and methodological models of economics. It goes far beyond the classical "economy and religion" debate, and suggests not only theoretical but also epistemological changes in the study of religion: individual rationality and rational choice, market theory, demand and supply theory, branding and commodification of religion, believers' "consumer" habits, churches' competitive strategies, for example. Of course, these are not exempt from criticism, which this volume also addresses. These detailed and localized case-studies range from experimental to ethnographic methods, psychological to cultural aspects of believing and practising cults in the scope of economics of religion. Geographical areas covered include Nigeria, Bolivia, Italy, Mexico, France, Korea, Nepal and Tonga.
List of Contributors. Economics and. Trust, Faith and Calculativeness: A Theoretical Extension of O. Williamson's ‘Institutional Trust’. Prosperity Unbound? Debating the “Sacrificial Economy”. A Catholic Alternative to Globalization? the Compagnia Delle Opere. The Economy of the Host in the Monastic World: A Non-Economic Economy. Is Buddhism like a Hamburger? Buddhism and the Market Economy in a Globalized World. Spiritual Capital: On the Materiality and Immateriality of Blessings in Puerto Rican Brujería. Promising and Engaging the Future Through Ritual Sponsorships in Eastern Yucatan, Mexico. God Unlimited: Economic Transformations of Contemporary Nigerian Pentecostalism. Multi-Level Marketing: At the Crossroads of Economy and Religion. Economic, Religious, and Social Practice of Giving: A Microanalysis of Donating in the Kingdom of Tonga. Are Religious Individuals More Generous, Trusting, and Cooperative? An Experimental Test of the Effect of Religion on Prosociality. Charitable Christians, Punitive Neighbors: Religiosity and Economic Norms in a Water-Scarce Environment. The Economics of Religion: Anthropological Approaches. Research in Economic Anthropology. Research in Economic Anthropology. Copyright page.

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