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Economics of Health and Wellness: Anthropological Perspectives Vol: 26

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27 Nov 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
270 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Research in Economic Anthropology


This 26th volume in the "Research in Economic Anthropology" series differs in two main ways from all those that have come before. For one, it is the first "REA" volume to focus exclusively on the issue of health. In addition, it is not as concerned overall with economic or social theory, or with economic reasoning and action, as other volumes have been. Rather, it concentrates on the identification and analysis of important economic factors in the production of health and wellness. This volume consists of ten original anthropological papers that explore the general theme of the economics of health and wellness in a variety of ways. Some of these papers are more strongly ethnographic in nature, relying wholly on qualitative data derived from participant-observer methods at which ethnographers excel. Other papers successfully blend such information with quantitative data drawn from surveys, questionnaires, and even from biological samples.All papers, however, are grounded in empirical methods and based on data drawn from the personal investigations of the authors. Subjects and geographic areas represented in the volume are: Lakota residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, USA; rural people of Bangladesh; mental health care facilities and systems in Texas, USA; unsuccessful rural-urban migrants in Botswana, Southern Africa; loggers in British Columbia, Canada; municipal bus drivers in San Francisco, California; poor residents of Puebla, Mexico; slum dwellers of Lima, Peru; female victims of domestic abuse in Northern Vietnam; and, followers of Tibetan Buddhism in France. It features original articles written by experts in their fields. It is international in its scope.
Lakota Health Care Access and the Perpetuation of Poverty on Pine Ridge. The Power of Culture in Selecting Health Care Providers in Rural Bangladesh: An Ethno Scientific Analysis. Reinventing Mental Health Care: Public–Private Systems. Failed Urban Migration and Psychosomatic Numbing: Cortisol, Unfulfilled Lifestyle Aspirations and Depression in Botswana. Attributions of Danger and Responses to Risk Among Logging Contractors in British Columbia's Southern Interior: Implications for Accident Prevention in the Forest Industry. Missed Connections: Hypertension and Occupational Health at the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Pawning for Financing Health Expenditures: Do Health Shocks Increase the Probability of Losing the Pledge?. Basic Needs and Expenditure on Health Care in a Shanty Town of Lima. Political Economy and the Health and Vulnerability of Battered Women in Northern Vietnam. The Economies of Health in Western Buddhism: A Case Study of a Tibetan Buddhist Group in France. List of Contributors. Introduction.

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