Economics, Econometrics and the LINK: Essays in Honor of Lawrence R. Klein Vol: 226

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30 Jan 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
608 pages - 156 x 234 x 35mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


Economics, Econometrics and The LINK" is a collection of scholarly contributions by leading scholars from the U.S., Europe, and Asia dealing with issues of economics and econometrics. The book contains a learned and erudite exposition of macroeconomics and macroeconomic modeling including national, sectoral, issues exchange rate, environment, international price competitiveness and international linkages. It presents a comprehensive perspective of econometric modeling - country-specific, sector-specific and issue-specific. The volume is a tribute to the work of Lawrence R. Klein from all his friends who share a common agenda, viz. to relate the study of economics to the studies of mankind.
Chapter Headings: Preface. The Works of Lawrence R. Klein. The Keynesian Revolution. Macroeconomics. Econometrics - Some Theoretical Aspects. Macroeconometric Modeling. Econometric Analysis - The Balance of Payments and the Exchange Rate. Price Competitiveness: The Home Price and the World Price. Sectoral Econometric Modeling. Country/Area Specific Econometric Modeling. Index.

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