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Economic and Social Aspects of Occupational and Environmental Health Vol: 12

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18 Dec 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Research in Human Capital and Development


This is the 12th volume in a series which considers research in human capital and development.
Introduction (I. Farquhar, A. Sorkin). Estimating costs of occupational and environmental-related illnesses and injuries: methodology and models (I. Farquhar et al.). Occupational cost estimates for diseases-leading causes of death and skin disease, and for selected population clusters (I. Farquhar et al.). Cost estimates for environmentally-related asthma (I. Farquhar, A. Sorlin and E. Weir). Ranking industries based upon the costs of job-related injuries and diseases (J.P. Leigh, T. Miller). Risk of hearing loss among male construction workers: implications for worksite regulations (N.J. Waitzman, K.R. Smith). Cost internalization in occupational safety and health: prospects and limitations (P. Dorman). Flexible work, hazardous work: the impact of temporary work arrangements on occupational safety and health in Washington State, 1991-1996 (M.P. Foley). Estimating the effectiveness of preventive interventions (C.S. Mitchell). Economic, social, and health considerations in land application of biosolids (J.M. Halstead, G.O. Estes). The population, environment, and health nexus: an Arab world perspective (A. Kulczycli, P.C. Saxena). Screening for elevated blood lead levels in one-year-old children: how do the costs and benefits compare? (P.A. Briss et al.). Public health role in environmental decision making (A.E. Kelly et al.).

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