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Economic Growth and Development Vol: 11

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12 Dec 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
452 pages - 156 x 234 x 48mm
Frontiers of Economics and Globalization


Since the very beginnings of economics as a science, which might be dated from Ibn Khaldun's "Introduction to History" (1377), the challenge of making societies escape from poverty and attain some degree of prosperity has always been, and will remain, a fundamental issue. It was and it is still recognized today that this central venture is multi-faceted. Inasmuch as investment and technical progress are central in the growth and development process, many other dimensions must be taken into consideration, such as institutions, the openness of the economy, the protection of the environment. This book will presents cutting edge research on each of these issues and features a preface from Ken Arrow.
About the series: Frontiers of Economics and Globalization. About the Editor. List of Contributors. Foreword. Chapter 1 How Growth Can Undermine Growth: Three Examples. Chapter 2 Commodity Price Volatility, Democracy, and Economic Growth. Chapter 3 Growth, Colonization, and Institutional Development: In and Out of Africa. Chapter 4 On the Relation Between Investment and Economic Growth: New Cross-Country Empirical Evidence. Chapter 5 Vintage Capital Growth Theory: Three Breakthroughs. Chapter 6 Adaptive Economizing, Creativity, and Multiple-Phase Evolution. Chapter 7 An Explicit Nonstationary Stochastic Growth Model. Chapter 8 Growth Volatility and the Structure of the Economy. Chapter 9 Stability of Growth Models with Generalized Lag Structures. Chapter 10 On the Track of the World's Economic Center of Gravity. Chapter 11 Homothetic multisector growth models. Chapter 12 Medium-Term Growth: The Role of Policies and Institutions. Chapter 13 Modeling Parameter Heterogeneity in Cross-Country Regression Models. Chapter 14 How Much Should a Nation Save? A New Answer. Chapter 15 Aggregation, the Skill Premium, and the Two-Level Production Function. Chapter 16 Factor Substitution and Biased Technology with Balanced Growth. Chapter 17 Illegal Immigration, Factor Substitution, and Economic Growth. Chapter 18 Investment, Technical Progress, and the Consequences of the Global Economic Crisis. Chapter 19 Market Power, Growth, and Unemployment. Chapter 20 Optimal Abatement Investment and Environmental Policies Under Pollution Uncertainty. Chapter 21 Robotics and Growth. Chapter 22 Government and Growth: Friend or Foe?. Economic Growth and Development. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Copyright page.

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