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Ecology and Strategy Vol: 23

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01 Aug 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
680 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Advances in Strategic Management


Volume 23 of the "Advances in Strategic Management" series focuses on ecology and strategy, providing an excellent point of reference for scholars, students and practitioners of business. The nine-part volume addresses diverse fields such as the U.S. motion picture, British motorcycle, and optical disk drive industries. The authors included represent institutions of higher learning from around the world, giving this latest edition international appeal. There is international representation. It addresses the human ecology of organizations, the relationship between the employee and the company. It includes papers regarding the US Motion Picture, British Motorcycle, and Optical Disk Drive industries.
Introduction Ecology versus Strategy or Strategy and Ecology? Stanislav D. Dobrev, Arjen van Witteloostuijn and Joel A.C. Baum Part I: Entrepreneurship Boom and Bust: The Effect of Entrepreneurial Inertia on Organizational Populations Martin Ruef Optimal Inertia: When Organizations Should Fail Nick Dew, Brent Goldfarb and Saras Sarasvathy Part II: Top Management Teams Top Management Team Composition and Organizational Ecology: A Nested Hierarchical Selection Theory of Team Reproduction and Organization Diversity Christophe Boone, Filippo Carlo Wezel and Arjen van Witteloostuijn CEO Turnover in the New Era: A Dialogue with the Financial Community Margarethe Wiersema and Thomas P. Moliterno Part III: Organizational Change Ecology, Strategy and Organizational Change Jitendra V. Singh The Best of Both Worlds: Exploitation and Exploration in Successful Family Businesses Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller Part IV: Organizational Learning If it doesnt Kill You: Learning from Ecological Competition Henrich R. Greve and Hayagreeva Rao Strategic Renewal as Improvisation: Reconciling the Tension between Exploration and Exploitation Mary M. Crossan and David K. Hurst Part V: Technology Strategy Technology Choice, Transaction Alignment and Survival: The Impact of Sub-population Organizational Structure Lyda S. Bigelow Exploring the Tail of Creativity: An Evolutionary Model of Breakthrough Invention Lee Fleming and Mark Szigety Part VI: Competitive Strategy The Competitive Dynamics of Vertical Integration: Evidence from U.S. Motion Picture Producers, 1912-1970 Giacomo Negro and Olav Sorenson Dynamics of Competitive Repositioning: A Multidimensional Approach Javier Gimeno, Ming-Jer Chen and Jonghoon Bae Part VII: Cooperative Strategy Fighting a Common Foe: Enmity, Identity and Collective Strategy Jo-Ellen Pozner and Hayagreeva Rao When do Networks Matter? A Study of Tie formation and Decay Andrew Shipilov, Tim J. Rowley and Barak Aharonson Part VIII: Scale and Scope Scale and Scope Economies in the British Motorcycle Industry, 1899-1993 Filippo Carlo Wezel and Arjen van Witteloostuijn Diversification to Achieve Scale and Scope: The Strategic Implications of Resource Management for Value Creation Tim R. Holcomb, R. Michael Holmes Jr. and Michael A. Hitt Part IX: Industry Evolution Direct and Indirect Effects of Product Portfolio on Firm Survival in the Worldwide Optical Disk Drive Industry, 1983-1999 Olga M. Khessina Industry Performance and Changes in Competitor Characteristics: Evidence on Isolationism versus Mutual Forbearance Anita M. McGahan

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