Drones: The Brilliant, the Bad and the Beautiful

Andy Miah
University of Salford, UK

Product Details
28 Feb 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 129 x 198mm
Against the backdrop of an increasingly dynamic world, driven by rapid digital innovation and technological advances, drones are becoming prolific within society. In this book, Andy Miah delivers a comprehensive analysis of the wide-reaching applications of drones, as well as a critical interrogation of the social, cultural and moral issues that they provoke. Delving into philosophical discussions about the implications of drone technology, this book shines a light on their real-world applications, the challenges they pose, and what they reveal about the human condition, when faced with a future of autonomous, intelligent robots.
Chapter 1. Origins 
Chapter 2. Regulating Drones 
Chapter 3. The Brilliant 
Chapter 4. The Bad 
Chapter 5. The Beautiful 
Conclusion. Drones for Good?
ANDY MIAH is Chair in Science Communication & Future Media at the University of Salford. His research has featured in the Washington Post, Wired, The Guardian, The Independent, and he has appeared live on BBC Newsnight, Sky News, BBC World and BBC News 24. His research discusses the intersections of art, ethics, technology and culture.
'In remarkably short compass, Andy Miah has managed to present the most rounded view of drone technology currently in print. Virtually every aspect of drones -- from the mechanics and economics of their design to their use in warfare, entertainment and art -- is discussed with expert brevity and perspicuity. Arguably it is the only book available that could be read productively by anyone, regardless of the nature of their interest in drones.' - Steve Fuller, University of Warwick, Author of Humanity 2.0.

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