Diversity and Triumphs of Navigating the Terrain of Academe: International Perspectives Vol: 23

Raphael Heaggans
Niagara University, USA

Henry T. Frierson
University of Florida, USA

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30 May 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
160 pages - 152 x 229mm
Diversity in Higher Education
Many challenges are faced by under-represented groups in academia. Difficulties during the tenure process, prejudice stemming from affirmative action and higher levels of scrutiny than their colleagues are just a few tribulations experienced by faculty members from minority groups that have gone unnoticed and often ignored.
The contributors of Diversity and Triumphs of Navigating the Terrain of Academe share these narratives and tell of how faculty navigate through situations such as microaggressions, racism and sexism. By taking an anecdotal approach, this volume captures the experiences of those who teach at institutions dominated by white males in the United States and abroad.
This book is written as a treatise to dismantle the powers of discriminatory incubuses that have haunted institutions of higher learning, one narrative at a time. Some of these institutions are still making history in hiring its first person of color within its departments. Collectively, the contributors' experiences serve as instrumentalities that work together to initiate dialogue among current and future members of the professoriate, making this title an invaluable text for researchers and higher education administrators alike.
Introduction: The Great Gulf Between Our Yesterday and Our Tomorrow: Swimming Through Muddy Academe Water; Raphael Heaggans 
Chapter 1. Talk is Cheap: The Prospects and Problems with Campus Conversations on Race; Neysa Figueroa, Seneca Vaught 
Chapter 2. Navigating through PhD programmes: Experiences of Ghanaian PhD graduates from universities across the globe; Lucy Effeh Attom 
Chapter 3. Walk Steady, Keep Going: Navigational Moves of Empowerment, Resistance, and Sustenance in the Academy; Ann Lopez 
Chapter 4. Progressing Culturally Responsive Assessment for Higher Education Institutions; Denise Burns, Martin Brown, Joe O'Hara and Gerry McNamara 
Chapter 5. Navigating the Politics of the Academe; Njoki Nathani Wane, Zuhra E. Abawi and Zachary Njagi 
Chapter 6. Negotiating University Teaching in Canada using Critical Race Theory: Having to Continually Prove Oneself in Academia; Andrew Allen 
Chapter 7. She Don't Belong Here: Silver Lining Amid the Ivory Tower; Eveldora Wheeler
Raphael Heaggans is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Teacher Education at Niagara University, USA. He facilitates diversity-themed workshops across the United States and Canada on topics such media and economic literacy, culturally proficient leadership, attracting diversity to the workforce, among others. 
Henry T. Frierson is Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Educational Research and Evaluation Methodology at the University of Florida, USA. He received his PhD in educational psychology from Michigan State University.

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