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Discretionary Behavior and Performance in Educational Organizations: The Missing Link in Educational Leadership and Management Vol: 13

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10 Feb 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
345 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Advances in Educational Administration


This volume of "Advances in Educational Administration" examines discretionary behavior/performance, an emerging yet critical phenomenon for educational organizations to be effective in responding to the complex expectations of the 21st century. Discretionary behavior refers to the employee behavior that is not directly or explicitly recognized by the formal reward system, and in the aggregate promotes the efficient and effective functioning of the organization. Discretionary behaviors of the educational workforce can contribute to maintenance and enhancement of the social and psychological organizational context which supports the task performance and organizational effectiveness.
Dedication. List of Contributors. Foreword. Introduction. Chapter 1 The Relationship between the Four Branch Model of Emotional Intelligence and Discretionary Behavior of University Educators. Chapter 2 Teachers’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Empirical Examination of the Subjective and Dynamic Nature of the Boundary between in-Role and Extra-Role Behavior. Chapter 3 Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Teachers: Antecedents, Transformational Leadership, and Contradictions. Chapter 4 Performance Beyond Expectations. Chapter 5 Relationship between Demographic Variables and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Among Community College Lecturers. Chapter 6 Nature of Leadership Discretions and Sustainability of Educational Innovations: Critical Connections. Chapter 7 Coalface Academic Leadership in Australian Higher Education: Discretionary Behaviour Through Empowerment. Chapter 8 What we do here is who we are. Chapter 9 The Relationship between Organizational Justice, Organizational Trust and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Secondary Schools in Turkey. Chapter 10 Teachers Supervising Teaching Assistants: Assigned Role or Discretionary Behaviour? Reflections from the United Kingdom. Chapter 11 The Possible Consequences of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education: Some Insights from Israeli Teachers and Principals. Chapter 12 What do we know about Assistant Principals? A Cross-National Examination of the Factors Affecting Task Performance, Discretionary Performance, and the Future Career Aspirations of Assistant Principals. Author biographies. Index. Discretionary Behavior and Performance in Educational Organizations: The Missing Link in Educational Leadership and Management. Advances in Educational Administration. Advances in Educational Administration. Copyright page.

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