Digital Media and the Greek Crisis: Cyberconflicts, Discourses and Networks

Ioanna Ferra
University of Leeds, UK

Athina Karatzogianni
University of Leeds, UK

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08 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Digital Activism and Society
This book concentrates on the parallel evolution of debt crisis and digital communications in Greece. By examining four different online and social media platforms, it examines a seven-year period to uncover the impact of digital media on the contentious politics of crisis, as well as the impact of the political economic sphere on the formation of the Greek digital mediascape.  

The research employs cyberconflict theory to situate online mediated conflict in a geo-political, socio-political and historical context, revealing the dynamic relation between the online media and the offline world. The work provides an updated framework which recommends the use of online data and the study of social media platforms for the examination of cyberconflict. It delves into the political transformations which have emerged in the context of the Greek crisis such as the anti-/pro- austerity debate, the euro-vs-drachma debate, the anti-/pro-governmental debate, or the Grexit discussion, and shines a light on how, in the context of crisis, the online space becomes a magnifying glass which points out conflict, opposition and drives polarization.
Chapter 1. Digital Media in Greece: A Cyberconflict Approach 
Chapter 2. Theoretical Approaches on Cyberconflict and Digital Media
Chapter 3. The Historical and Sociopolitical Background of Greece
Chapter 4. Digital Research Methods, Techniques and Sampling
Chapter 5. The First Period: December Riots - Indymedia & YouTube  
Chapter 6. The Second Period: The Anti-Austerity Movement - Facebook & Networks  
Chapter 7. The Third Period: The GReferendum - Twitter, Networks and Discourse 
Chapter 8. Discussion and Concluding Remarks
Ioanna Ferra is Lecturer in Media and Communication at University of Leeds. Her research interests focus on digital media, social movements and protests, especially in the developing context of global recession. She also has a keen interest in digital research methods.

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