Digital Life on Instagram: New Social Communication of Photography

Elisa Serafinelli
University of Sheffield, UK

Athina Karatzogianni
University of Leicester

Product Details
31 Aug 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 129 x 198mm
Digital Activism and Society
How does Instagram shape how we relate to each other online? Are users concerned about privacy when documenting their lives in fine detail? How does Instagram work as a marketing machine? Drawing on three years’ research with Instagram users, Elisa Serafinelli explores how Instagram is changing people’s visual experiences. 
Instagram is now by far the most popular online photo sharing platform, fuelled by the growth of smart mobile devices, and the management of an online persona is now part of millions of people’s everyday reality. This has not gone unnoticed among commercial actors, with the savviest of these exploiting the social dynamics of sharing that underlie the very logic of Instagram. 
This book addresses the issue of how mobile media and visual communication permeate people’s daily routines, how marketing influences practice, whether privacy and surveillance concerns are a reality, and how the platform shapes social relationships and identity formation. In its conclusion, the book advances the innovative concept of new mobile visualities to describe the social communication of photography and its huge expansion. Digital Life on Instagram is an online ethnography fit for the modern age of social media.
Chapter 1. New Approaches to Digital Photography and Online Photosharing 
Chapter 2. The Practice of Online Photosharing
Chapter 3. Visual Social Relationships 
Chapter 4. Visual Media Marketing 
Chapter 5. Privacy and Surveillance
Chapter 6. Identity: The Visual Self 
Elisa Serafinelli works as Research Associate in the School of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. She specialises in Media, Communication and Society with six years of experience in research and teaching. She has co-edited the book The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere and published a recent study related to visual communication in the journal article Mobile Mediated Visualities: An Empirical Study of Visual Practices on Instagram. Her current research explores mobile media practices and the social behaviours that arise from it with particular focus on privacy and surveillance issues related to the growing use of drone technologies.

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