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Deviance in the Workplace Vol: 8

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25 Jul 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Research in the Sociology of Work


This volume is about deviance in the workplace. It defines deviance as departures from laws or organizational rules by workers, managers, or an organization as an entity. It brings together contributions by scholars in the sociology of work and of crime and deviance, and identifies workplace deviance as a subject shared by the two. The contributions center around two main topics: deviance-making processes, and the social control of deviance through workplace regulation to detect and correct deviant behavior.
List of contributors. Introduction (I. Harper Simpson, R.L. Simpson). Worker deviance as social control (J. Tucker). Defining deviance upward: the shrimpers - conflict over teds regulations (A.V. Margavio, S. Laska). Deviance and conformity in the work of company doctors (E. Draper). Deep in the heart of Texas and California: savings and loan fraud in two states (K. Calavita). A multi-layered society in contemporary Russia: criminals and oligarches as its major actors (V. Shlapentokh). Structure and control: "deviance" in police organizations (P.K. Manning). Externalization and internalization as frames for understanding workplace deviance: the management of alcohol and drug abuse (P.M. Roman, T.C. Blum). Measuring everything that moves: the new surveillence at work (G.T. Marx). Controlling workplace deviance: state regulation of occupational health and safety (B.M. Hutter). Disclosing misconduct in work organizations: an empirical analysis of the situational factors that foster whistleblowing (J. Rothschild, T.D. Miethe).

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