Developing and Supporting Multiculturalism and Leadership Development: International Perspectives on Humanizing Higher Education Vol: 30

Enakshi Sengupta
International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Mandla Makhanya
University of South Africa, South Africa

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23 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning


Humanizing education, which successfully instils values that support inclusivity and equality, should be built around cultural context and experiences derived from the work of researchers and academics. This book reviews work conducted by academics globally to uncover the strategies and tools designed to facilitate better learning and integration of inclusivity. 
The authors make the engaging argument that social justice education and inclusion should be an inherent part of the curriculum. Case studies from Africa to the USA and UK are showcased to demonstrate effective examples, from which readers benefit from a real-life model of a classroom environment supporting multi-culturalism. Ultimately, the book illustrates the importance of appropriate curriculum development involving all stakeholders and the integration of multicultural educational topics.
Part 1. Diversity and Inclusivity 
Chapter 1. Introduction to Developing and Supporting Multiculturalism and Leadership Development: Enakshi Sengupta, Patrick Blessinger and Mandla S Makhanya 
Chapter 2. Humanizing Learning Outcomes for Diversity Requirement Courses: Cameo Lyn West and Carolyn L. Sandoval 
Chapter 3. Improving Classroom Engagement and Learning: Jennifer Schneider 
Chapter 4. Advancing Inclusivity and Citizenship: Alison Robinson Canham and Luisa Bunescu 
Chapter 5. Inclusive and Multicultural Education: Veronica Margaret Makwinja 
Part 2. Humanistic Pedagogy  
Chapter 6. Holistic Faculty Development: Hope J. Hartman 
Chapter 7. Active Learning Strategies for Promoting Intercultural Competence in Students: Leanne R. Havis 
Chapter 8. Applying Freire and Ubunu to Humanizing Higher Education Leadership: Victor Pitsoe and Moeketsi Letseka 
Chapter 9. Academic Freedom at the Business School: Timothy J. Fogarty 
Chapter 10. Humanizing Higher Education Through Ethical Leadership to Support Public Service: Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu
Enakshi Sengupta serves as Associate Director of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

Patrick Blessinger is Chief Research Scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

Mandla Makhanya is the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of South Africa.
‘Higher education leadership is in need of deep critical engagement with issues of multiculturalism and inclusivity, productive policy templates for helping institutions move forward, and, local examples of success. This timely volume provides such resources.’ - Nicholas J. Shudak, PhD, Dean, School of Education and Counseling, Wayne State College, Nebraska, USA

‘This book is a significant collection which brings together valuable perspectives from leading international scholars to discuss how Higher Education Institutions are driving the development of multiculturalism and leadership. I most highly recommend to read.’ - Fareeda Khodabocus, PhD, Director Quality Assurance, University of Mauritius, Mauritius

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