Designing Local e-Government: The Pillars of Organizational Structure

Israel Patiño Galvan
Unversidad La Salle Noroeste, Mexico

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15 Feb 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 129 x 198mm
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In the age of digitalization, even the way we govern is adapting. Recently, with the successful implementation of e-governments, the way our systems are organized has changed.  
Here, Israel Patiño Galvan suggests a specialized design structure as an alternative to the new, digital governments that are becoming increasingly more common. Through a thorough exploration of the history of these structures, and through field research in Mexico, serious deficiencies have been identified in the ways in which these e-governments have been implemented. Instead, Galvan offers a tri-phase solution to designing local governments, placing the direction and division of Information Technologies at the core to support the modernization and optimization process.  
For researchers and practitioners in public administration, information technologies, or information systems, this is a vital text providing a detailed case study as support for a new organizational system.
1. Background of Organizational Structures 
2. Case Study: Types of Local Government Organizational Structures in Mexico 
3. Current of Local e-Government in Mexico and its Relationship with Organizational Structures 
4. Proposal of an Organizational Structure, Pillar in the Design of the Local e-Government
Israel Patiño Galván is a Professor at the Universidad La Salle Noroeste. He has a PhD in Administrative Sciences, and is currently undertaking a further PhD in Computational Systems. Alongside his academic studies, he has belonged to the Technical Advisory Council participated in multiple Information Technology projects aimed at both public and private administration.

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