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Defense Industry in the Post-cold War Era: Corporate Strategies and Public Policy Perspectives Vol: 6

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05 Jan 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
444 pages - 156 x 234 x 26mm
Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy


This book focuses on the challenges faced by defense-related industries and by the US Department of Defense in the post-Cold War era: by the former in enhancing their financial well-being, and by the latter in maintaining affordable national security. It explores the conditions they face, both currently and in the future they envision, as well as the corporate strategies and public policies that each develops in response to these conditions and visions. The contributors to this book describe these corporate strategies and public policies, assess their respective strengths and weaknesses, and where appropriate, endorse them or recommend alternatives. Finally, senior executives from ten small and large defense-related firms recount their experiences in diversifying successfully into commercial markets and the challenges they met or still face in planning and implementing their strategies effectively.
Part headings and selected papers: Setting the Scene. Introduction: post-cold war challenges for industry and government (G.I. Susman, S. O'Keefe). The evolving national security agenda: the search for public consensus (J.J. Hamre). DoD in the 21st century: the role of the private sector (J.P. White). Corporate and Government Interests. Shaping the structure of the American defense industry (D.S.C. Chu, M.C. Waxman). US defense industry consolidation in the 1990s (K. Flamm). The new industrial policy? (S. O'Keefe). National security in an era of global technology markets: DoD's dual-use dilemma (T.M. Hagelin). Public policies and corporate strategies: a post-cold war view from Europe (T. Guay) Corporate Perspectives. The post-cold war persistence of defense specialized firms (A. Markusen). Defense diversification: can we return to the road not taken? (E.R. Pages). Revitalization strategies for second-tier defense companies (W.L. Shanklin). Diversification strategies for second-tier defense firms in the infra-red sensor industry (G.I. Susman, M.A. Blodgett). Defense conversion in information technology service industries (D.J. Berteau). Are defense and non-defense manufacturing practices all that different? (M.R. Kelley, T.A. Watkins). The conversion of defense engineers' skills: explaining success and failure through customer-based learning, teaming, and managerial integration at Boeing-Vertol (J.M. Feldman). Government Perspective. Post-cold war directions for defense and industry: a view from the Pentagon (P.G. Kaminski). The perennial problems of defense acquisition (J.A. Alic). Issues in acquisition reform (G. Porter). Defense conversion and acquisition reform (D.J. Berteau). Reinventing the Pentagon (E.R. Pages). Case Presentations. Index.

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