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Decentering Social Theory Vol: 25

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22 Aug 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Political Power and Social Theory


Social theory and research has long faced the limitations of its conventional Eurocentric focus. The essays in this volume offer new thoughts and empirical studies for transcending those limitations. A continuation of PPST's previous volume on "Postcolonial Sociology," this volume, "Decentering Social Theory," questions old categories, advances new postcolonial themes in social science, and debates alternative theoretical paradigms. The "Scholarly Controversies" section contains a critical exchange on "Southern Theory" between Raewyn Connell and Patricia Hill Collins, Mustafa Emirbayer, Raka Ray and Isaac Ariail Reed.
List of Contributors. Senior Editorial Board. Student Editorial Board. Editorial Statement. Editor’s Introduction. Ambiguities of Democratization: Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnicity Under AKP Government in Turkey. Binding Institutions: Peasants and Nation-State Rule in the Albanian Highlands, 1919–1939. Parameters of a Postcolonial Sociology of the Ottoman Empire. Orientalist-Eurocentric Framing of Sociology in India: A Discussion on Three Twentieth-Century Sociologists. A Sociological Breakthrough, not a Sociological Guilt Trip. Critical Interventions in Western Social Theory: Reflections on Power and Southern Theory. Connell and Postcolonial Sociology. Theoretical Labors Necessary for a Global Sociology: Critique of Raewyn Connell’s Southern Theory. Under Southern Skies. Decentering Social Theory. Political power and social theory. Decentering Social Theory. Copyright page.

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