Data-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide

Lee Wilson
Vertical Leap, UK

Product Details
19 Jun 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm
In the world we live in today, more data is being generated than at any other period in human history. However, this wealth of information is causing a data dilemma for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and practitioners.  

With marketing companies and experts struggling to produce business content that delivers strong marketing results and SME's being overshadowed by data-aware super-brands that are already heavily investing in data-driven content, Lee Wilson offers a solution that can rectify the performance divide. 

Data-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide empowers businesses, regardless of industry, size, or competition level, to understand, identify and act on big-data opportunities. The guide shares unique processes, approaches, and frameworks which can be applied to every company need, leading you towards efficient and effective content creation that repeatedly returns on investment.  

Through a combination of practical expertise and personal insights, this book instructs and enables practitioners and entrepreneurs to overcome everyday business content barriers and yield increased results from every piece of content created.
Chapter 1. Introducing data-driven content 
a. Data-driven content 
b. Business insights 
c. Content creation 
Chapter 2. Understanding the data ecosystem 
a. Machine learning (ML) 
b. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
c. Qualitative data d. Quantitative data 
Chapter 3. Data collection and management 
a. Data collection points 
b. Managing your data 
c. The role of GDPR 
Chapter 4. Transforming data into content 
a. Understanding your audience 
b. Deriving data insight 
c. Creating a content action plan 
Chapter 5. Understanding why your content isn't working 
a. Overcoming content pain points  
b. Bridging and integrating mediums 
Chapter 6. Creating content for marketing channels 
a. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
b. Paid Advertising (PPC) 
c. Social Media d. Emails and Newsletters 
Chapter 7. Overcoming content barriers 
a. Content for websites 
b. Content for ecommerce sites / stores 
c. Content for mobile devices 
d. Content for voice & screenless search 
Chapter 8. Making your content work harder 
a. Revitalising existing content 
b. Identifying new content 
c. Your content creation framework 
Chapter 9. Evaluating content success 
a. Setting benchmarks, goals and objectives 
b. Choosing the best KPIs 
c. Reporting on results 
Chapter 10. The future of data-driven content 
a. The role of the machine 
b. The role of the human 
c. Human/computer collaboration
Lee Wilson is Head of SEO at the Top 10 UK Search and Digital marketing agency, Vertical Leap. Alongside his extensive agency experience, Lee has also worked within the Financial Services sector and for his own digital marketing company. He has led numerous marketing, search and digital departments, delivering success to businesses from start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs, through to multinationals and global brands. In 2016, Lee Wilson authored his first book, Tactical SEO: The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing which has now launched into international markets.
'Lee has been my go-to guy for search marketing advice for almost five years now, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of SEO, is obsessed with detail and knows exactly how to explain his innovative techniques – and the benefits of them – clearly and concisely.' - Graeme Parton, Freelance Copywriter and Journalist

'I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lee in his capacity as Head of SEO at a leading search agency. His passion for delivering content driven search and digital strategies is second to none, as is his passion for creating content that works, sells and delivers value. If you're struggling to make content work for your business or clients, read this book. Better still, talk to Lee.' - John McMurray-Williams, Sales Director, Innovate Creative

'I have been working with Lee for nearly 10 years in the field of SEO at a leading search marketing agency. During that time I’ve seen Lee, as Head of SEO, build a successful specialist search team and deliver winning SEO strategies across many clients. The knowledge and experience he has to offer is overwhelming, and there is much, seasoned digital marketers or new, can learn from him.' - Dave Colgate, Senior SEO Specialist, Vertical Leap

'This is the practical guide to content marketing I wish I had when I first heard the words 'data' and 'content' used together. Fast forward many years later and business owners and marketers now have that solid guide which lays out the process for a sound content marketing plan in the data-driven age. 

This guide is full of practical, actionable tips for content marketers who are just getting started, and also a reminder for seasoned veterans of what data really matters when creating content to ensure our campaigns are successful. No stone is left unturned with advice on research, delivery and optimisation of content using the latest free tools and insights. A must have read for anyone creating content in 2019 and beyond, as data becomes all-encompassing as part of our strategies.'

- Stuart Wooster, Digital Marketing Manager, Treat Your Skin Ltd

'I had the pleasure of being Lee’s manager when we first started using Google Adwords many years ago, which transformed the revenues of the company we worked for. Lee’s latest book is the definitive guide for those wanting to understand how data really does drive business, and how critical it is to use data driven insight. 

A comprehensive, clearly written and practically orientated guide, make this essential reading for content professionals, marketing teams and practitioners who want to take their marketing content to a whole new level.'

- Kris Bezzant, Executive Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, Capgemini

'I approached this book as someone coming into it with an extensive background in digital advertising and an interest in expanding my understanding of effective content strategies which put data at its heart. 

Despite my relative lack of experience in creating content, the guide did a fantastic job of getting across practical points that put in a better place when having discussions with colleagues about the practices that can help improve our campaign performance. 

It’s great to find a book that so clearly articulates that data has a major role in content creation, in the same way that it does in digital advertising performance – giving you the ammo to speak to key stakeholders with the confidence that your data supports your new stance.'

- Mackenzie Cockram, Digital Marketing Analyst, University of Southampton

'Lee Wilson is a familiar and respected voice in the search marketing industry. His extensive knowledge and years of industry experience is invaluable; helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to boost their online marketing activity and achieve exceptional results. His passion for all things search fuels an innovative, tactical approach that keeps him firmly at the forefront of the industry.' - Nick Pearse, Digital Account Manager, VL Digital

'The guide to Data-Driven Marketing Content by Lee Wilson should be enough to convince any brand or professional that data is the key to effective marketing and that opportunity exists in abundance. Throughout, Lee takes a deep dive into how he has helped to develop and shape content marketing over the past two decades. Even the most experienced marketers will benefit from the approach.


From in-depth tooling to jargon busting and practical tips, this guide should act as a framework for any practicing marketer, especially those that think content opportunity may be saturated or unimaginative. This’ll take you to a whole new level of content ideation, and that’s just the start!' - Jack Cooper, Digital Manager, Andertons Music Co.

'A rarity among marketing writers, Lee Wilson has an eye for the true substance of effective marketing and eschews the usual mastication of common knowledge. Over the years I've been impressed with his writings and how he manages to cut to the core of the challenges that marketers face in the current digital age. The use of data to empower decision-making in marketing is hugely overhyped by many, but Lee has both the experience and the eloquence to formulate actionable insights that can be put to use both strategically and in day-to-day marketing execution.' - Barry Adams, Chief Editor,

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