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Cycling and Sustainability Vol: 1

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18 May 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Transport and Sustainability


This book explores the reasons for difficulties in making cycling mainstream in many cultures, despite its claims for being one of the most sustainable forms of transport. In conditions of relatively low use, cycle users become more closely identified with their means of transport than users of other modes. Such personality-based considerations led to the need initially for the book to explore the cultural development of cycling in countries with high use and the differences in use between different sub-groups of the population. After a consideration of the possible role and function of the private sector, the lessons learned from the book are placed in a socio-political context with a call for required action to create a revolution in cycle use.
Chapter 1 Introduction - John Parkin (pp. 1 - 20)/ Part 1: People/ Chapter 2 Cycling Cultures in Northern Europe: From 'Golden Age' to 'Renaissance' - Trine Agervig Carstensen, Anne-Katrin Ebert (pp. 23 - 58)/ Chapter 3 Women Cycling Through the Life Course: An Australian Case Study - Jennifer Bonham, Anne Wilson (pp. 59 - 81)/ Chapter 4 The Role of Advocacy and Activism - Rachel Aldred (pp. 83 - 108)/ Part 2: Environment/ Chapter 5 Cycling, Urban Form and Cities: What do We Know and How should We Respond? - Kevin J. Krizek (pp. 111 - 130)/ Chapter 6 Network Planning and Infrastructure Design - John Parkin, Glen Koorey (pp. 131 - 160)/ Chapter 7 Evolution of Urban Bicycle Transport Policy in China - Pan Haixiao (pp. 161 - 180)/ Chapter 8 Cycling in Developing Countries: Context, Challenges and Policy Relevant Research - Mark Brussel, Mark Zuidgeest (pp. 181 - 216)/ Part 3: Economy/ Chapter 9 Understanding and Promoting Bicycle Use - Insights from Psychological Research - Sebastian Bamberg (pp. 219 - 246)/ Chapter 10 The Benefits of Cycling: Viewing Cyclists as Travellers rather than Non-motorists - Maria Borjesson, Jonas Eliasson (pp. 247 - 268)/ Chapter 11 Private Interventions in a Public Service: An Analysis of Public Bicycle Schemes- Benoit Beroud, Esther Anaya (pp. 269 - 301)/ Chapter 12 Conclusion: Towards a Revolution in Cycling - Dave Horton, John Parkin (pp. 303 - 325)

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