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Cutting Edge: Advanced Interactionist Theory

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23 Dec 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
332 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm


Featuring articles reprinted from "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" and "Symbolic Interaction", this book covers such topics as theoretical directions in interactionism, interpretations of the theory of George Herbert Mead, Meadian connections, and dramaturgy and Goffman.
Part 1 Interpretations of the theory of George Herbert Mead: interpreting the sociological classics - can there be a "true" meaning of Mead, Gary Alan Fine and Sherryl Kleinman; G.H. Mead's social behaviourism vs the structural bias of symbolic interaction, Michael Wood and Mark Wardell; George Herbert who? - symbolic critique of the objectivist reading of Mead, G. David Johnson and Peggy A. Shifflet; George Herbert Mead and the division of labour, Hans Joas; toward a neo-Meadian sociology of mind, Randall Collins. Part 2 Meadian connections: the romantic antecedents of Meadian social psychology, Dmitri Shalin; George Herbert Mead and Karl Marx - exploring consciousness and community, Mary Ellen Batiuk anbd Howard L. Sacks; symbolic interactionism and psychoanalysis, Rodney Elliot and Bernard N. Meltzer. Part 3 Herbert Blumer and interactionism: Herbert Blumer's contributions to 20th century sociology, Tamotsu Shibutani; myth, text and interactionist complicity in the neglect of Blumer's macrosociology, David Maines; substance and style - an appraisal of the sociological legacy of Herbert Blumer, Sheldon Stryker. Part 4 Dramaturgy and Goffman: the degradation of the sacred - approaches of Cooley and Goffman, Paul Creelan; dramas, metaphors and structures, R.S. Perinbanayagam; the dramaturgical model of behaviour - its strengths and weaknesses, Bruce Wilshire. Part 5 Theoretical directions in interactionism: symbolic interactionism and causality, Alfred Lindesmith; on the "symbolic" in symbolic interaction, Fred Davis; on the semiotics and symbolic interactionism, Norman Denzin; emotion as lived experience, Norman Denzin.

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