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Current Perspectives on Learning Disabilities Vol: 16

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15 Nov 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Special Education


This book addresses prominent trends in learning disabilities in a systematic and comprehensive manner. The book's major premise focuses on the early identification and intervention of learning disabilities which can positively impact a child's academic performance by making achievement possible. Critical information is discussed to prevent undetected learning disability which may lead even an older student to struggle with poor grades, low self-esteem, loss of interest in higher education, and reduced employment. The book presents current knowledge based information on forces outside of the school that impact the field of learning disabilities such as, advances in evaluation and testing, diagnostic imaging of the functioning brain, evolving ways of conceptualizing learning disabilities that include multicultural perspectives, challenges to conventional views of intelligence and new federal laws that place performance demands upon schools. Additionally, instructional best practice approaches and new technology is provided that should enhance the academic teaching of students. There is even a chapter on a model inner city program that discusses teaching of students with severe learning difficulties. Finally, there is a chapter on the role that school counsellors play in planning for college and careers in a climate of societal expectation that promotes a college education as an obtainable goal for students with learning disabilities. The book is valuable to general and special education teaches, school psychologists, teacher educators, practicing mental health clinicians, and school and career counsellors. A secondary audience is graduate students in special education and counselling graduate programs who need a comprehensive resource book on current trends and best practices.
Conceptualizations Of Learning Disabiliities: Beyond The Ability-Achievement Discrepancy Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities Multicultural Learners With Learning Disabilities: Beyond Eurocentric Perspectives . Neurological And Neuropsychological Aspects Of Learning And Attention Problems Curriculum Modifications For Students With Learning Disabilities Technological Resources For Persons With Learning Disabilities Comprehensive Assessment Of Students With Learning Disabilities Career Development For Persons With Learning Disabilities Impact Of The Americans With Disabilities Act On Services For Persons With Learning Disabilities The Impact Of The No Child Left Behind Act Trends In Teacher Preparation For Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities Supportive Services For College Students With Learning Disabilities Wings Academy: A New Charter School For Students Who Learn Differently

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