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Cultural Studies: A Research Annual Vol: 5

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31 May 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
408 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Cultural Studies


Cultural Studies
List of contributors. Introduction. South African Cultural Studies. South African cultural studies: a journal's journey from apartheid to the worlds of the post (K. Tomaselli, A. Shepperson). Notes on Critical Arts (K. Tomaselli). Keyan Tomaselli and cultural studies in South Africa (N. Masilela). Performing (and Writing) Culture. A senseless world (D. Rodriguez). Resisting a narrative: deconstructing The Lamanite: a performance text (C.A. Crue). "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen" (C. Dunbar Jr.). "...and forgyf us ure gyltas": transgressive writing in sports studies (R.E. Rinehart). Representing Race. Race as a kind of speech act (L.F. Miron, J.X. Inda). America's new son: Tiger Woods and America's multiculturalism (C.L. Cole, D.L. Andrews). Mapping aesthetics within a global landscape: the work of art in the postcolonial imagination (C.McCarthy, G. Dimitriadis). "The Mexican Problem": nation and "native" in Mexican muralism and cultural discourse (M.K. Coffey). Choreographing colonialism: athletic mascots, (dis)embodied Indians, and euroamerican subjectivities (C.R. King, C.F. Springwood). Gender Narratives. Queen of the class: sexual identities in pedagogical spaces (K.G. Honeychurch). Genital narratives and early modern sexual politics (T.L. Thompson). Designing fear: environmental security and violence against women (C.A. Rentschler). New Directions. Hunting the mind hunters: on the cultural significance of psychological profiling (C. Lackey). Design/communication as mutual-personal creative action (W. Woodward). Hail to the subject: the durability (for the moment) of neoliberalism (B.M. Goss).

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