Cultural Journeys in Higher Education: Student Voices and Narratives

Jan Bamford
London Metropolitan University, UK

Lucie Pollard
University of the West of Scotland, UK

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27 Jun 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 129 x 198mm
Great Debates in Higher Education


The cultural diversity of university student populations can be seen to reflect the changing demographics of an increasingly international mobile workforce. The implications of the growing migrant population and differing communication patterns in the classroom is a highly under-researched area. Cultural Journeys in Higher Education provides a unique insight into the cultural experiences of university recounted through the students' narratives and voices. 
This book explores the increasingly culturally diverse composition of the student body and its impact on student learning. The need to negotiate differing cultural scripts and adapting to the new cultural landscape when students arrive at university are just a few of the experiences addressed within this important text. Cultural Journeys in Higher Education navigates the issue of curriculum delivery through the eyes of those who receive the education and questions whether a new approach is needed to adapt to an increasingly culturally diverse student body.  
The student experience is a central focus of this book, giving researchers, practitioners and leaders in education a unique perspective that will enable them to further understand the cultural framework that underpins Higher Education.
Chapter 1. Bridging barriers 
Chapter 2. Strangers in a new land 
Chapter 3. "Leaving culture at the classroom door" 
Chapter 4. Strangers in your own land 
Chapter 5. Culture and developing relationality in higher education
Jan Bamford is Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes at London Metropolitan University UK and has been a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2014. Her research interests are focused around the experience of cultural diversity in the classroom and internationalising the curriculum.  
Lucie Pollard was Faculty Operating Officer in the Faculty of Education and Health, at the University of Greenwich, UK. Lucie has recently taken up a post as Director of the University of the West of Scotland's London campus. Her research interests are on cultural diversity, non-traditional students and achievement in higher education.

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