Cultural Competence in Higher Education Vol: 28

Tiffany Puckett
Northern Illinois University, USA

Nancy S. Lind
Illinois State University, USA

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03 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
It is critical for professors to be able to teach students from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to achieve success. This book provides an essential insight into teaching cultural competence in colleges and universities across the United States. Covering the experiences and challenges of instructors across disciplines, the chapters focus on the research, practices, narratives, and reflections related to preparing students to be culturally competent. Intended to address how to challenge systems that give power to only majority or privileged cultures, the purpose of this edited collection is to provide a vital resource through which readers can be equipped with the necessary knowledge related to teaching cultural competence. It provides a reference for instructors, researchers, and other stakeholders who are looking for material and strategies that will assist them in preparing students to become culturally competent.
Part 1. The Importance of Cultural Competence 
Chapter 1. The Importance of Developing Cultural Competence:Tiffany Puckett 
Chapter 2. Language and Cultural Competence: Natalie Mullen 
Chapter 3. Bridging the Ivory Tower: Velma L. Cobb 
Chapter 4. Cultural Humility: Candice Dowd Barnes and Chayla Rutledge Slaton 
Part 2. Research Related to Cultural Competence 
Chapter 5. Transforming Curriculum, Exploring Identity, and Cultivating Culturally Responsive Educators: Cynthia Zwicky and Tonya Walls 
Chapter 6. Assessing Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs and Other Higher Education Professionals Programming: Gianina R. Baker  
Chapter 7. Faculty and Staff Perspectives on Internationalization and Intercultural Competence at a State Comprehensive University SCU: Jermain Griffin 
Chapter 8. Educators as the Gatekeepers: Deneca Winfrey Avant, Doris Houston and LaTasha Louise Nesbitt 
Part 3. Lesson Learned - Teaching Cultural Competence 
Chapter 9, Cultivating cultural competence through cultural engagement: Sophia L. Ángeles, Lucas Cone, Sarah Jean Johnson, and Marjorie Faulstich Orellana 
Chapter 10. Using Classroom Composition in Delivering Cultural Competence Education; Norissa Williams Chapter 11. Developing Cultural Competence in Healthcare Professional: Melissa Gomez and Linda Darnell Part 4. The Future -Teaching Cultural Competence 
Chapter 12. Raising Racial Awareness: Christina B. Chin and Erica Morales 
Chapter 13. Toward a Pedagogy of Cultural Self-Awareness in the First-Year Law School Classroom: Mikah K. Thompson 
Chapter 14. Teaching Cultural Competence Through the Lens of Restorative Justice: Kimberly A. Nelson and Joshua A. Nelson 
Chapter 15. Using Technology to Teach Cultural Competence: Tai A. Collins, Kamontà Heidelburg, and Meagan N. Scott 
Chapter 16. On Teaching and Learning: Runchana Pam Barger
Tiffany Puckett is Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations at Northern Illinois University. Her research interests include education law, education finance and cultural competence. 

Nancy S. Lind is a Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University. Her specialties include American public administration and public policy including education and healthcare policy.

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