Crowd-Sourced Syllabus: A Curriculum for Resistance

Leanne McRae
Independent Scholar, Australia

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04 Dec 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Points
Curating the contributions of Twitter users via hashtags, crowd-sourced syllabi respond to evolving crises and critical questions in real time, resulting in living materials for educators, scholars and students. This book showcases how crowd-sourced syllabi are filling a gap in educational efficacy by providing access to forgotten, hidden, unsanctioned and unpopular resources.  

Recognising that educational institutions are no longer able to provide the timely and critical response to emergent situations that punctuate the everyday, Leanne McRae invites readers to re-assess the tools and frames that determine how meaning is made, and consider how by rethinking the way that syllabi are constructed, we might resist the limitations of our curriculums. By reading this book we learn how the crowd-sourced syllabus cultivates possibilities for a double refusal – the refusal to be dominated, as well as a refusal to dominate. 

This book is insightful reading for teachers, scholars and students who are interested in how to utilise, contribute to, and circulate the crowd-sourced syllabus in order to deepen the range, type and immediacy of resources available to us.
Introduction. An Ultra-Realist Refusal
Chapter 1. An Education in Crisis: Economics, Experts, and Enlightenment
Chapter 2. The Lads: A Rebellious Refusal of Resilience
Chapter 3. Disintermediating the Archives: Evental Education
Chapter 4. #FergusonSyllabus
Chapter 5. #NewFascismSyllabus
Chapter 6. #StandingRockSyllabus
Chapter 7. #RapeCultureSyllabus
Chapter 8. #SanctuarySyllabus
Chapter 9. # BlackDisabledWomanSyllabus
Conclusion. Popular Provocations: #LemonadeSyllabus and #ColinKaepernickSyllabus
Leanne McRae works independently to pursue research interests spanning cultural studies, critical disability studies, popular cultural studies, criminology, physical cultural studies, surveillance, and deviant leisure. She has spent 17 years within the higher education sector as a lecturer, course co-ordinator and tutor.

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