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Crossroads of Rural Crime: Representations and Realities of Transgression in the Australian Countryside

Alistair Harkness
University of New England, Australia

Rob White
University of Tasmania, Australia

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19 May 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Rural-oriented scholarship in criminology is growing, in part motivated by governmental, community and academic recognition that, despite stereotypes of the 'rural idyll', crime and justice are significant issues in the rural landscape.

Using the notion of 'crossroads' to provide a unique lens through which to examine realities of rural crime, Crossroads of Rural Crime: Representations and Realities of Transgression in the Australian Countryside provides a dynamic understanding of the nature of rural life and ways in which transgression manifests itself in the context of a presumed rural-urban divide. Common myths regarding rural crime are challenged by exploring its diverse dimensions from a central conceptual focal point; the many 'roads' that lead into and out of rural spaces, whether literal, virtual or figurative. With a focus on the Australian countryside, the authors examine issues such as drug abuse, persecution of wildlife, rural penal practices, and health in Indigenous communities.

The first substantive edited collection to focus on notions of the mobility of crime within, to and from rural spaces, this interdisciplinary collection draws together contributions from criminology, politics, sociology, Indigenous studies, literature and anthropology to significantly contribute to our understanding of rural crime.
Chapter 1. Rural crime at the crossroads; Alistair Harkness and Rob White 
Chapter 2. Dhany ‘towards here’: Paths for rural criminology laid by Aboriginal health; Megan Williams  
Chapter 3. Cartographies of place: Being, country and Indigenous justice; Chris Cunneen  
Chapter 4. Night patrols: Mobilising collective efficacy in Indigenous communities; John Scott, Margaret Sims, Trudi Cooper, and Elaine Barclay 
Chapter 5. On the road to roon?: Rural Australia’s storied role in the nation’s ice ‘epidemic’; Katrina Clifford and Lisa Waller 
Chapter 6. The backroads of Australian punishment: Penality beyond the Australian cityscape; Russell Hogg 
Chapter 7. Dead ends: The vanishing of Marilyn Wallman; Belinda Morrissey and Kristen Davis 
Chapter 8. From victims to companions: Reconciling wildlife and agriculture in rural spaces; Gillian Paxton  
Chapter 9. The rhetoric of rurality: Political representations of rural and regional Australia; Rebecca Strating 
Chapter 10. Kicking against the majority: The rural-urban divide, politics, policy-making and the law-and-order debate; Nick Economou  
Chapter 11. Dynamics of seachangers in rural and regional townships: Impacts on local communities in transition; Nick Osbaldiston, Felicity Picken, and Lisa Denny 
Chapter 12. Post-disaster access to justice: The road ahead for Australian rural communities; Rachel Hale, Melina Stewart-North, and Alistair Harkness
Alistair Harkness is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of New England, Australia.

Rob White is Distinguished Professor of Criminology at the University of Tasmania, Australia.

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