Cross-Sectoral Relations in the Delivery of Public Services Vol: 6

Andrea Bonomi Savignon
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Luca Gnan
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Alessandro Hinna
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Fabio Monteduro
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

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29 Jan 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance
The complex and ever-evolving relationship between the public sector and civil society at large is high on the policy and political agenda for the transformation of administrative and socio-economic systems in most developed countries. In this context, citizen associations, private businesses and non-profit organizations play a crucial role as potential actors of collaborative governance arrangements for both the prioritization and direct provision of public interest services. These settings are increasingly seen as powerful policy tools by which States may not only address issues related to the expenditure constraints which, in the current public financial situation, contingently limit and condition the direct delivery of such services by public institutions. They are also viewed as an opportunity for a definitive shift from traditional models of public administration in the sense that policies may be better designed, articulated, and governed through a collaborative approach, while service provision could be enhanced in terms of proximity, representativeness and innovativeness. 

This book assesses these cross-sectoral relations across the public sector from a variety of contexts. Chapters consider public service design, public governance systems, philanthropy, housing policies, performance management and a number of other issues across national and comparative settings.
1. Refocusing Performance Management Through Public Service Design?; Mateusz Lewandowski  
2. Rereading Public Governance and Public Value Management Through Viable Systems Approach: An Integrated Framework Toward Public System Governance; Francesco Polese, Orlando Troisi, Luca Carrubbo and Mara Grimaldi  
3. Public Support and Corporate Giving to The Arts and Culture in Times of Economic Crisis. An Exploratory Analysis on the Italian Case; Martina Gianecchini, Anna Chiara Scapolan, Lorenzo Mizzau and Fabrizio Montanari  
4. Employees as Innovators for Cross-Sectoral Relations in England and Finland; Jari Vuori, Marika Kylänena and Santtu Mikkonen  
5. Government-Third Sector Relations and The Triple Helix Approach: Patterns in The Italian Social Innovation Ecosystem; Andrea Bonomi Savignon and Luigi Corvo  
6. Paradigms of Public Management and The Historical Evolution of State-CSO Partnerships: A Comparison of Aids, Social Assistance and Cultural Policy; Patricia Mendonça  
7. Infrastructure Projects as a Value Co-Creation Process; Giuseppe Cappiello, Paola Garrone and Paolo Nardi 
8. The Co-Production of Housing Policies: Social Housing and Community Land Trust; Nathalie Colasanti, Rocco Frondizi and Marco Meneguzzo  
9. Collaborative Governance: A Successful Case of Public and Private Interaction In The Port City Of Naples; Andrea Tomo, Alessandro Hinna, Gianluigi Mangia and Ernesto De Nito  
10. The Relationships Between Government and Civil Society in Performing Public Service Hybrid Organisations: Some Insights from a Comparative Study; Gianluca Antonucci
Andrea Bonomi Savignon is Assistant Professor in Public and Non-Profit Management at the Department of Management and Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.  
Luca Gnan is Full Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Department of Management and Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. He is past President of the European Academy of Management (EURAM). 
Alessandro Hinna is Associate Professor of Organization Theory and Public Management at the Department of Management and Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.  
Fabio Monteduro is Associate Professor of Business Management and Public Management at the Department of Management and Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.

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