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Cross-Cultural Buyer Behavior Vol: 18

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01 May 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Advances in International Marketing


The theme of this issue is international buyer behavior. The papers collected in this volume contribute to theory development and contain important implications for managers and policy makers. With chapters written by leading marketing scholars from around the world, including current and/or former Presidents of the American Academy of Advertising, the European Academy of Advertising, and the Korea Advertising Society, this volume focuses on cutting edge issues that affect buyer behavior in an international context. The first of the four sections of the book focuses on a controversial topic: the impact of direct to consumer prescription drug advertising on consumers. Next is a group of papers that looks at the role of emotions in advertising and retailing contexts and their impact on buyers. The third section of the book examines cultural factors as they pertain to buyer behavior in multiple contexts, including explaining apparently paradoxical buyer behavior among Koreans and examining drivers of satisfaction with industrial goods across markets. The final set of chapters examines a truly hot topic in international buyer behavior research: interactive marketing in international contexts. Papers in these chapters examine current issues such as developing loyalty to on-line communities, reactions to mobile gaming and banner advertisements, and cross-national differences in website structure.
I. DTC Prescription Drug Advertising and Buyer Behavior 1) Does DTC Prescription Drug Advertising Provide Information or Create Market Power: Evidence from the U.S. and New Zealand, Charles R. Taylor, Michael L. Capella and John C. Kozup 2) Skepticism toward Pharmaceutical Advertising in the U.S. and Germany Sandra Diehl, Barbara Mueller and Ralf Terlutter II. Emotions and Their Impact on Consumers 3) The Effect of Mixed Emotions in Advertising: the Moderating Role of Discomfort with Ambiguity, Wim Janssens, Patrick De Pelsmacker, and Marcel Weverbergh 4) Emotional Responses A New Paradigm in Communication Research, Flemming Hansen, Sverre Riis Christensen, Steen Lundsteen, and Larry Percy 5) Changing Consumption Values of Middle Class Korean Consumers: An Examination of Factors Associated with Trading Up, Eunju Ko III. Cultural Factors in Buyer Behavior 6) The We-Me Culture: Marketing to Korean Consumers, Dae-Ryun Chang 7) Do the Little Emperors Rule? Comparing Informativeness and Appeal Types in Chinese vs. America and French Magazine Advertising, Lu Zheng, Joseph E. Phelps, Yorgo Pasadeos, and Shuhua Zhou 8) The Drivers of Customer Satisfaction with Industrial Goods an International Study, Fabian Festge and Manfred Schwaiger IV. Buyer Behavior in Interactive Contexts 9) The Exposure Effect of Unclicked Banner Advertisements: A Korean Perspective, Hee-Sook Yoon and Doo Hee Lee 10) Member Loyalty in On-Line Communities: The Relationship between Website Features and Loyalty, Kyung Hoon Kim and Yong Man Jung 11) Global Youth and Mobile Games: Applying the Extended Technology Acceptance Model in the U.S.A., Japan, Spain, and the Czech Republic, Shintaro Okazaki, Radoslav Skapa, and Ildefonso Grande 12) An Empirical Classification of Web Site Structure: A Cross-National Comparison, Koo Won Suh, Charles R. Taylor and Doo Hee Lee

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