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Critical Theory: Diverse Objects Diverse Subjects Vol: 22

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10 Dec 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
412 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Current Perspectives in Social Theory


The contributions in this 22nd volume of "Current Perspectives in Social Theory" explore the arguments for and against a view of the world in which multiple, distinct and conflicting societies differ both over time and contemporaneously.
Bringing Marxism back...with Foucault: Foucault's encounter with Marxism, P. Paolucci. Critical theories of knowledge - epistemology and culture: Afrocentricity and the European hegemony of knowledge - contradictions of place, M.K. Asante; epistemology, culture and rhetoric: some social implications of human cognition, T.J. Burns, T. LeMoyne; films and utopia - the culture industry revisited, J.J. Dowd. Social structures, theories and movements: cybercritique: a social theory of online agency and virtual structures, T.W. Luke; resolving tensions between rationality and traditionalism: race, social class and religion in feminist perspectives, M. Godwyn; the duality of systems: networks as media and outcomes of movement mobilization, J. Livesay. Bridging the African Diaspora in the new millennium (selected papers from the eponymous conference at the University of Nebraska, February 2001): re-visioning race - dismantling whiteness, G. Herndon; the psychological and spiritual implications of western Christian missionaries' influence on the African Diaspora - special reference to West African countries, J.O. Oyekan. Critical theory: (selected papers from the Conference of the Critical Theory Section, International Sociological Association, University of Cambridge, September 2000): how is society possible? towards a metacritique of reification, F. Vandenberghe; the form of difference - reimagining critical theory, N. Weiss Hanrahan; prolegomena to an intercultural critical theory, F. Kurasawa; pragmatism versus sociological hermeneutics, P. Baert; subjectivity, culture, autonomy: castadoriadis and social theory, A. Elliott.

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