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Creating and Managing Superior Customer Value Vol: 14

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01 Nov 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


"Superior Customer Value" (SCV) advances theory and offers new tools useful for measuring value dimensions and strength. Achieving highly useful sense making about the value concept and value metrics is important because of the substantial evidence that: customer assessments of total value in a product/service offering strongly affects acceptance and initial purchase; customer evaluations of value experiences relate strongly with retaining them and growing the share-of-business these customers award specific suppliers; and increases in delivered-value implemented strategies relates positively to increases in profitability. "SCV" focuses on advancing value theory, research, and strategy in business-to-business contexts. Coverage includes in-depth case research findings for existing and disruptively new products and services and all papers in this volume embrace the proposition that context is a major force affecting planning and implementing strategy. "SCV" is relevant in particular to European and North American B-to-B contexts. However, the tools and theories in the volume are certainly relevant for research by scholars and decisions by executives working in Asia and Australia. "SCV" is essential reading for improving thinking, decisions, and actions relating to the creation, marketing, and purchasing of superior value in products and services - critical abilities for product-service executives.
Customer value: theory, research, and practice. Intangible value in buyer–seller relationships. Final customers’ value in business networks. Functions, trust, and value in business relationships. Customer value metrics. Total cost of ownership and customer value in business markets. Linking Customer Value to Customer Share in Business Relationships. Configurations and control of resource interfaces in industrial networks. Creating superior value through network offerings. Competence-based value framing for business-to-business customers. Value delivery and value-based pricing in industrial markets. Value creation options for contract manufacturers: Market strategy transition and coevolution in networks. Advances in business marketing and purchasing. Creating and managing superior customer value. Copyright page. List of Contributors. EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD.

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