Creating Entrepreneurial Space: Talking Through Multi-Voices, Reflections on Emerging Debates Vol: 9, Part B

David Higgins
University of Liverpool, UK

Paul Jones
University of Swansea, Wales

Pauric McGowan
Ulster University, UK

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17 Jun 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


Entrepreneurship is still regarded by many as in the theory building stage, which has led to some commentaries to suggest that the field is fragmented and at a nascent stage of development.  

Developing a critical and constructive position towards current theories, methods, assumptions and beliefs, the book seeks to question the prevailing assumptions currently dominating entrepreneurial researching and practice. The book brings together leading thinkers, practitioners and researchers in the field to draw upon new theoretical perspectives and approaches as a means of illustrating the inherently social and contextualized nature of entrepreneurial practice, and advance the manner in which we critically think about and engage with various aspects of entrepreneurial practice and development.  

Including a unique combination of studies that illustrate critical perspectives of current entrepreneurship research, the book covers a broad spectrum in terms of topics and approaches, as well as in terms of diversity and critique in their perspectives towards entrepreneurial practice and scholarship.
Chapter 1. Creating Entrepreneurial Space: Talking through Multi voices, reflections on emerging debates; David Higgins, Paul Jones and Pauric McGowan 
Chapter 2. An Extended Stage Model for Assessing Yemeni SMEs’ E-Business Adoption; Ahmed Abdullah, Gareth R.T. White and Brychan Thomas 
Chapter 3. What does it mean to think as an entrepreneur? Using threshold concept theory to inform entrepreneurship education; Lucy Hatt 
Chapter 4. Exploring decision-making: an information processing perspective; Marian Evans 
Chapter 5. Facilitation of learning in Transformative Learning Circles: Enabling entrepreneurial mindsets through co-creation of knowledge; Martin N. Ndlela, Åse Storhaug Hole, Victoria Konovalenko Slettli, Hanne Haave, Xiang Ying Mei, Daniela Lundesgaard, Inge Hermanrud, Kjell Staffas and Kamran Namdar
Chapter 6. Business support as regulatory context: exploring the enterprise industry; Oliver Mallett 
Chapter 7. The Role of Mentoring in Youth Entrepreneurship Finance: A Global Perspective; Robyn Owen, Julie Haddock-Millar, Leandro Sepulveda, Chandana Sanyal, Stephen Syrett, Neil Kaye and David Deakins 
Chapter 8. Reflections on Technium Swansea: Ambition, Learning & Patience; Gareth Davies, Sian Roderick, Michael D. Williams and Roderick Thomas 
Chapter 9. Entrepreneurship in the Open Space: A New Dynamic for Creating Value; David Rae 
Chapter 10. Researching Entrepreneurship: Conflictual Relationships in a Team-based Project; Oswald Jones
David Higgins is Lecturer in Management at the University of Liverpool. His research interests lay in the fields of SME and entrepreneurial learning through action. 
Paul Jones, PhD, is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swansea University. His research interests include entrepreneurship, small business management, information technology and entrepreneurship education. 
Pauric McGowan is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at the Ulster University Business School. His research interests include the areas of technology entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship pedagogy.

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