Creating Entrepreneurial Space: Talking Through Multi-Voices, Reflections on Emerging Debates Vol: 9A

David Higgins
University of Liverpool, UK

Paul Jones
Swansea University, UK

Pauric McGowan
Ulster University, UK

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10 Dec 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


Interest in the field of entrepreneurship and the small firm has developed exponentially in recent decades. However, concerns have been expressed regarding the need to effectively engage more critically with the lived experiences of practicing entrepreneurs through alternative approaches and methods seeking to account for and highlight the social, political and moral aspect of entrepreneurial practice. 

By drawing recognition to the lived practice of the entrepreneur, one can begin to position the notion of action as a process of socially constructed emergent practice. Such discussion would seek to give an alternative perspective as a method of re-shaping and understanding what it means to practice as an entrepreneur. This volume seeks to critically explore alternative dimensions to entrepreneurial and small firm research and practice. In addition, the authors seek to promote ideas from other research traditions and perspectives which are culturally enriched and challenge what we term entrepreneurial and small firm practice.  

Including topics drawn from discussions with leading scholars, researchers and practitioners alike, this collection of papers aims to generate new and exciting opportunities for a holistic view of entrepreneurial research agendas, and advance the manner in which academics and researchers think about and engage with various aspects of entrepreneurial practice and development.
Introduction; David Higgins, Paul Jones, and Pauric McGowan 
Chapter 1. The Legitimacy of Teachers in Entrepreneurship Education: What We Can Learn From a Literature Review; Stéphane Foliard, Sandrine Le Pontois, Alain Fayolle, and Isabell Diermann 
Chapter 2. Enterprise Education Competitions: A Theoretically Flawed Intervention?; Catherine Brentnall, Iván Diego and Nigel Culkin 
Chapter 3. Understanding How Immigrant Entrepreneurs View Business Opportunity Formation Through Ethnicity; Kingsley Njoku and Thomas M. Cooney 
Chapter 4. Context Matters: Entrepreneurial Energy in the Revival of Place; Johan Gaddefors and Alistair Anderson 
Chapter 5. Extending Cross-Gender Succession Theories: Mother-Son Succession in Family Business; Claire Seaman, Susan Ross and Richard Bent 
Chapter 6. SMEs’ Export Performance in Algeria: A Configuration Approach; Mohamed Yacine Haddoud, Paul Jones, and Robert Newbery 
Chapter 7. Resistance and Change in a Depleted Community: Personal, Pragmatic and Paradoxical; Lorraine Warren, Alistair Anderson and Joanne Bensemann 
Chapter 8. Grappling with the Challenges of Start-Up in the Designer Fashion Industry in a Small Economy: How Social Capital Articulates with the Strategies in Practice; Colleen E. Mills 
Chapter 9. Exploring the Perceived Impact of Strategic Learning Plans on Growth-focused Small Service Firms; Felicity Kelliher, Monica Murphy and Denis Harrington 
Chapter 10. Scholarly Practice and Meaningful Research: Utilising Voice by Enabling Action…If It Was Only That Simple!; David Higgins and Sue Smith
David Higgins is Lecturer in Management at the University of Liverpool. His research interests lay in the fields of SME and entrepreneurial learning through action. 
Paul Jones, PhD, is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swansea University.  His research interests include entrepreneurship, small business management, information technology and entrepreneurship education. 
Pauric McGowan holds the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in the Ulster Business School, where he is also Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development. His research interests include the areas of technology entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship pedagogy.

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