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Crafting Customer Experience Strategy: Lessons from Asia

Sapna Popli
Institute of Management Technology, India

Bikramjit Rishi
Institute of Management Technology, India

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04 May 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
308 pages - 152 x 229mm
When analysing customer experience, there is often a disconnect in the kind of customer experience senior leadership believes their organizations deliver and what consumers say they actually receive.

Crafting Customer Experience Strategy: Lessons from Asia looks at how Customer Experience Management can be vital in providing a sustained competitive advantage for businesses. In uncovering this essential strategic challenge, this book explores the need to create customer experiences by design utilizing data, as well as the importance of engaging with the voice of the customer, the employee and the process in managing the customer journey.

In this book a range of real world insights are scrutinized from a variety of leading organizations; chapters explore a wide range of themes including how organizations create experiences, the customer journey, emotions, technology and the returns in designing improved experiences. This is an essential reading for marketing students, scholars and practitioners looking for understanding and insights in customer experience management.
Chapter 1. The What, Why and How of Customer Experience; Sapna Popli and Bikramjit Rishi 
Chapter 2. Getting into the Customer’s Shoes – Customer Journey Management; Bikramjit Rishi and Sapna Popli
Chapter 3. Emotions –The Essence of Customer Experience; Irfan A. Rizv and Sapna Popli 
Chapter 4. Recipe for a Great Customer Experience – The three voices; Ashita Aggarwal 
Chapter 5. Technology and the Future of Customer Experience; Vandana Srivastava; Sanjeev Kishore and Deepika Dhingra 
Chapter 6. Customer Experience By Design or By Accident; Smitha Girija and Devika Rani Sharma 
Chapter 7. Breaking Corporate Silos – Making Customer Experience Work; Anindita Banerjee 
Chapter 8. The Business Case for Customer Experience; Meena Bhatia and Pankaj Priya 
Chapter 9. Customer Experience: A Business to Business Context; Dinesh Sharma and Sumanjit Dass 
Chapter 10. Customer Experience Management – The Road Ahead; Sapna Popli and Bikramjit Rishi
Sapna Popli is Professor of Marketing at IMT Ghaziabad, India, specialising in customer experience. Her research interests include customer experience management, service excellence, service orientation and service leadership.

Bikramjit Rishi is Associate Professor of Marketing at IMT Ghaziabad, India. He is co-editor of Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing (2017) and editor of Islamic Perspectives on Marketing and Consumer Behavior (2015).

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