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Corruption in the Public Sector: An lnternational Perspective

Krishna K. Tummala
Kansas State University, USA

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08 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Public Policy and Governance
This edited collection examines corruption in the public sector, assessing case studies from across the globe in order to provide an international perspective on this worldwide issue.

Case studies include an examination of how corruption has been minimized in Singapore and Hong Kong; an assessment of corruption in India under Modi, who was elected on a promise to reduce corruption; a study of corruption in Bangladesh, and an evaluation of attempts to curb corruption in South Africa. This collection also includes a comparative study of corruption in Brazil and Chile, and a global perspective on the development of ethical privacy policies in e-government.

The original case studies included in this book are brought together in an effort to identify common themes that impinge upon the fight against corruption, despite the particular nuances of individual nations. The contributions included in this edited collection also cover themes that are not often studied, including corruption in government procurement, the nascent issue of the 'right to privacy' stemming from e-governance, and the proclivity of governments to hide behind Official Secrets Acts to withhold information - ostensibly guaranteed under the 'right to information' which is vital in the fight against corruption.

Providing a broad overview on public sector corruption, including local and national perspectives, this edited collection is essential reading for scholars of both public policy and corruption worldwide.
Chapter 1. Prologue: The Fight Against Corruption; Krishna K. Tummala 
Chapter 2. Best Practices for Combating Corruption: Learning from Singapore and Hong Kong; Jon S. T. Quah
Chapter 3. India’s Continuing Fight Against Corruption: The Modi Regime’s Five Year Saga; Krishna K. Tummala
Chapter 4. Right to Information (RTI) to Ensure Transparency and Accountability: The Case of India; K. Jhansi Rani
Chapter 5. Corruption in Bangladesh; Habib Zafarullah and Ahmed Shafiqul Huque 
Chapter 6. Experience of Brazil and Chile in Their Fight Against Corruption; Daniel Zerker 
Chapter 7. Spectacular Failure in Curbing Corruption in South Africa; Naas Ferreira 
Chapter 8. Corruption in Procurement in Southeast Asia; David S. Jones 
Chapter 9. Ethical Privacy Policies for E-Government Websites; Aroon Manoharan and Tony Carrizales 
Chapter 10. Epilogue; Krishna K. Tummala
Krishna K. Tummala is Professor Emeritus in Public Administration at Kansas State University, and was the Director of the university’s graduate programme in public administration. He has published 10 books and over 70 articles in reputed national and international journals in the area of public administration.

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