Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Ethical Public Relations: Strengthening Synergies with Human Resources

Donnalyn Pompper
University of Oregon, USA

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30 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Changing Context of Managing People
Nowhere is the study of workplace ethics more relevant today than in the context of empowering organizations to meet their goals in corporate social responsibility and sustainability (CSR/S). Aimed at helping organizations uphold their commitments to people and the planet as well as profit, these are core goals towards which both PR and HR departments now work. 

However one major stumbling block is the fact that while internal departments may regularly work closely when managing and communicating with employees, the communication flow tends to be top down. In order to create more socially responsible, sustainable, and ethical organizations, the communication flow must be more organic and bilateral. The question of how both teams could work together on a more even playing field has escaped scholarly inquiry for years. 

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, & Ethical Public Relations: Strengthening Synergies with Human Resources examines ways to make CSR/S an integrated ingredient and ethical hallmark for an organization’s culture. Here authors from around the globe use a variety of research methods to offer practical, empirical findings, exploring opportunities for employees to serve as a conduit for organizations' CSR/S goals. This book shows how HR-PR department cooperation can fulfil the role of organizational conscience, helping for-profits and non-profits to navigate toward greater CSR/S.


Chapter 1. Picking at an Old Scab in a New Era: Public Relations & Human Resources Boundary Spanning for a Socially Responsible & Sustainable World - Donnalyn Pompper

Chapter 2. Organizations, HR, CSR & their Social Networks: 'Sustainability' on Twitter - Jeremy Harris Lipschultz

Chapter 3. Nonprofit Social Responsibility & Sustainability: Engaging Urban Youth through Empowerment - Lauren Bradford

Chapter 4. Overcoming Regional Retention Issues: How Organizations in Detroit Use Corporate Social Responsibility to Attract & Engage Top Talent - Erin Heinrich

Chapter 5. Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteerism, & Social Identity:  A Case Study of Cotopaxi - Rulon Wood, Julia Berger, and Jessica Roberts

Chapter 6. A Study of University Social Responsibility (USR) Practices at Rwanda's Institut Catholique de Kabgayi - Marie Paul Dusingize and Venantie Nyiransabimana

Chapter 7. Corporate Social Responsibility: Johnson & Johnson Creating Community Relations and Value through Open-Social Innovation and Partnership across Sub-Saharan Africa - Moronke Oshin-Martin

Chapter 8. Examining Public Relations’ Role in Shaping Organizational Culture, with Implications for PR, HR & CSR/Sustainability - Pamela G. Bourland-Davis and Beverly L. Graham

Chapter 9. Hiring Programs for Military Veterans & Athletes Use HR & PR to Demonstrate Human Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility - Pauline A. Howes

Chapter 10. Failure to Activate: EpiPen, Legitimacy Challenges, and the Importance of Employee CSR - Ashli Quesinberry Stokes

Chapter 11. Inspiring Employees Through CSR: Lessons from a Gambling Giant - Jessalynn Strauss
Donnalyn Pompper is Professor and Endowed Chair in Public Relations, School of Journalism & Communication, University of Oregon, USA, teaching and researching public relations, corporate social responsibility, and social identity. She has won two national book awards, and she has published extensively in peer-reviewed academic journals. Pompper holds the Accredited Public Relations credential from Public Relations Society of America and worked as a public relations manager and journalist for 25 years before joining the academy.
'Pompper provides a well-developed collection of work that successfully points to the need for cooperation between HR and PR departments by examining CSR/sustainability from a wide variety of organization types and sizes… An interesting book that fills a need to explore how CSR and sustainability are managed within organizations and how different departments can uniquely contribute to their success.' - Journal of Public Relations Education (2019, Vol. 5, No. 2, 167-171)

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