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Continuous Change and Communication in Knowledge Management

Jon-Arild Johannessen
Kristiania University College, Norway

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10 Jun 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 152 x 229mm
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Until now, change leadership has lacked a theoretical basis for use by leaders as a starting point when implementing change processes.

This tactical text addresses this. Think of the tightrope walker; they must constantly change the position of their arms and legs to remain 'stable' on the tightrope. Stability depends on change, and change depends on the existence of a stable core. If everything is in a state of flux, the result will be chaos. If everything is stable, the result will be rigid. Rigid systems will collapse if there is the slightest change. Meanwhile, chaotic systems use all their energy to maintain stability.

This book is split into two parts. In the first part, we consider our theoretical basis. In the second part, we describe the leadership tools we have developed for use in change processes. We have designed a leader's toolbox for planned change processes. This toolbox consists of 18 leadership tools. These can be used by any leader to ensure the effective communication and implementation of planned change processes.

Perfect for undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to expand their knowledge of change leadership focusing on both the theory and the tools needed to implement changes.
Part I Theoretical Basis
Chapter 1. Communication and Strategic Change Leadership
Chapter 2. Management, Control and Communication in Strategic Change Leadership
Part II Leadership Tools as Communication
Chapter 3. How can we Reduce Resistance to Changes within Organizations?
Chapter 4. Leadership Tools to Increase the Motivation of Knowledge Workers
Chapter 5. Communication of Global Change Processes
Jon-Arild Johannessen is currently a Full Professor in Leadership, at Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway. He has written more than 200 international papers on innovation, knowledge management and leadership.

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