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Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Social Networks Vol: 40

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07 Feb 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
520 pages - 152 x 229 x 46mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
Social network analysis has transformed the study of organizations over the past 30 years. Rather than focus on individuals or teams, network scholars view the organization as a nexus of relationships. As its popularity increases, the scholarship is evolving in many directions including new theory on network dynamics, multilevel thinking, multiplex networks, digital networks, instrumental and affective ties, and cross-cultural considerations, in addition to advances in methods and measures, and new organizational applications. This compendium of essays points the way to contemporary issues in organizational social networks. Research in the Sociology of Organizations is an established international, peer-reviewed series that examines cutting edge theoretical, methodological and research issues in organizational studies. The series is especially concerned with specifying the unique contributions of sociological theories and research techniques to the analysis of organizations. In addition to publishing high quality original research, each volume aims to foster debate about the value of new theories and research to the growing international community of organizational studies scholars. Each volume is designed around carefully selected and interesting themes that aim to facilitate the development of new research communities and perspectives within the organizational studies field. All contributions are peer reviewed to ensure high quality, and are individually downloadable through your library website, enabling wide distribution and easy access.
Social Network Research: Confusions, Criticisms, and Controversies. How Organizational Theory can Help Network Theorizing: Linking Structure and Dynamics via Cross-Level Analogies. Making Pipes, Using Pipes: How Tie Initiation, Reciprocity, Positive Emotions, and Reputation Create New Organizational Social Capital. Bringing Agency Back into Network Research: Constrained Agency and Network Action. Toward a Strategic Multiplexity Perspective on Interfirm Networks. In Either Market or Hierarchy, But not in Both Simultaneously: Where Strong-Tie Networks are Found in the Economy. Brokerage as a Process: Decoupling Third Party Action from Social Network Structure. Embedded Brokerage: Hubs Versus Locals. The Power of the Weak. Cohesion, Power, and Fragmentation: Some Theoretical Observations Based on a Historical Case. Affect in Organizational Networks. Negative Ties in Organizational Networks. The Duality of Organizations and their Attributes: Turning Regression Modeling “Inside Out”. A Preliminary Look at Accuracy in Egonets. Do you know My Friend? Attending to the Accuracy of Egocentered Network Data. Imaginary Worlds: Using Visual Network Scales to Capture Perceptions of Social Networks. The Two-Pipe Problem: Analysing and Theorizing about 2-Mode Networks. Perceived Organizational Identification and Prototypicality as Origins of Knowledge Exchange Networks. Appropriateness and Structure in Organizations: Secondary Socialization Through Dynamics of Advice Networks and Weak Culture. The Network Dynamics of Social Status: Problems and Possibilities. Corporate Social Capital in Chinese Guanxi Culture. The Causal Status of Social Capital in Labor Markets. Online Communities: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Network Research. Networking Scholars in a Networked Organization. List of Contributors. Advisory Board. Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Social Networks. Research in the sociology of organizations. Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Social Networks. Copyright page.

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