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Contemporary Issues in Social Science Vol: 106

Simon Grima
University of Malta, Malta

Ercan Özen
University of Uşak, Turkey

Hakan Boz
University of Uşak, Turkey

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25 May 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
636 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis
This special edition of Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis offers twenty-three chapters by invited participants in the International Applied Social Science Congress. In these chapters chronical a wide variety of important issues such as: Volatility spillover between conventional stock index and participation index; The Interplay Between Experience, Satisfaction and Positive Word of Mouth: A Study on City Marketing in Afyonkarahisar and more.

This international and wide-ranging exploration on different economic systems provides a comprehensive account which brings a wide range of countries to the forefront in terms of both comparability and accountability, this study shines a light on the differences in systems between states, and provides timely and accurate information to equip readers to minimize those differences.
Chapter 1. The measurement of the degree of government regulation in the pension system; Rasmiyya Sabir gizi Abdullayeva 
Chapter 2. Effects of Perceived Stakeholder Conflict Factors on Guests’Outcomes: Evidence from Kyrenian Hotels in North Cyprus; Derya Timucin Hayat and Blend Ibrahim 
Chapter 3. Determining the Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Dependence on Tips and Turnover Intentions: the case of Hotel Employees; Jelena Tepavčević, Melita Josipović and Vedran Milojica 
Chapter 4. Comparative Efficiency Analysis of Tourism Industry in the Southern Mediterranean Region; Nihat Doğanalpa and Aytuğ Arslanb 
Chapter 5. How Can Circular Economy Restore Ecological Balance? An Evaluation Within the Scope of Sustainability and Marketing; Sima Nart and Abdulkadir Ozturk  
Chapter 6. Dependency on foreign labour in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector of the Maltese Economy; Anne Marie Thake  
Chapter 7. Do Investors Overreact to Firm Merger and Acquisition Decisions?; Reyhan Can and H. Isın Dizdarlar
Chapter 8. Quiet Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges; SAÇKES Esat 
Chapter 9. The Influence of Covid-19 on Consumers’ Perceptions of Uncertainty and Risk; Bilge Villi 
Chapter 10. Economic Activity and Urban Design Policy as a Means for Recovery of Commercial Activity: The Case Study of Athens’ Commercial Streets; Delitheou Vasiliki, Bakogiannis Efthimios, Kyriakidis Charalampos and Katarachia Maria Konstantina 
Chapter 11. The Relationship between Credit Default Swap and Macroeconomic Indicators: An Example from Turkey; Gülay Çizgici AKYÜZ and Seval AKBULUT BEKAR  
Chapter 12. How are Immigrants Advancing on the European Labour Market? The Case of Spain; Graţiela Georgiana Noja , Mirela Cristea and Atila Yüksel 
Chapter 13. Financial Development and House Prices in Turkey; M. Ozan YILDIRIM  
Chapter 14. Covid - 19 Pandemic: Reflections on Organizational Life and Employee Psychology; İrem KAPTANGİL 
Chapter 15. The Importance of thorough financial reporting during COVID-19 pandemic: Empirical Evidence from Borsa Istanbul; Mustafa OĞUZ 
Chapter 16. Financial Literacy Influencing Factors Analysis: Estonia, Latvia, And Lithuania Case; Evija Dundure and Biruta Sloka 
Chapter 17. Agricultural Biomass Production: Implications for Economic Growth and Environment in Central and Eastern European Countries; Emilia Mary Bălan, Laura Mariana Cismaș, and Cristina Georgiana Zeldea  
Chapter 18. Methods for predicting the future evolution of GHG emissions by domains; Anca Băndoi, Claudiu George Bocean, Aurelia Florea, Lucian Mandache, Cătălina Soriana Sitnikov and Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
Chapter 19. The impact of good governance on entrepreneurship in terms of sustainable development; Lobonț Oana-Ramona, Sorana VĂTAVU, Vîrvoreanu Alina, Costea Florin and Moldovan Nicoleta-Claudia 
Chapter 20. The stage of non-financial reporting in Romania; Nicoleta-Daniela MILU and Camelia-Daniela HATEGAN 
Chapter 21. Valuable Insights into Consumer Values: The Case of Latvian Social Enterprises; Kristine Casno, Biruta Sloka and Daina Skiltere 
Chapter 22. Digital Inequalities in Households in Latvia – Problems and Challenges; Kate Lase and Biruta Sloka
Chapter 23. Individual Risk Perceptions and Behaviour; Alessandra Girlando, Simon Grima, Engin Boztepe, Sharon Seychell, Ramona Rupeika-Apoga and Inna Romanova
Simon Grima, Ph.D, MSc(Lond), MSc(BCU) B.Com(Hons), is the Head of the Insurance dept and an Associate Professor at the University of Malta. He sits on the Boards of the Federation of European Risk Management Association, the Public Risk Management Organisation, the Malta Association of Risk Management and the Malta Association of Compliance Officers, for the latter two he has also served time as president.

Ercan Özen received his BSc in Public Finance, MSc in Business-Accounting, PhD in Business Finance from University of Afyon Kocatepe. Now he is associate professor of finance in department of banking and finance, School of Applied Sciences, University of Uşak, Turkey.

Hakan Boz is Assistant Professor at Usak University's School of Applied Sciences, Turkey. Prior to joining the academia he has held various positions in the tourism and hospitality sector. He carries out research to better understand consumer and employee behavior in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

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