Connecting Values to Action: Non-Corporeal Actants and Choice

Christopher M. Hartt
Dalhousie University, Canada

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26 Aug 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Why do we make the decisions we do? And how can we understand what influences our decisions? Non-Corporeal Actant Theory explores decisions and outcomes through the perspective of values, beliefs, ideas, and concepts - all integral parts of our everyday lives and the actor-networks that we take part in as decision-makers.  
Connecting Values to Action: Non-Corporeal Actants and Choice brings together a cast of expert contributors to delve into this theory and its ramifications for our lives. With chapters that analyze decisions made by death-defying free climbers, indigenous people facing the loss of their culture, and corporates responding to the #MeToo movement, editor Christopher M. Hartt examines how decisions are affected by the widening range of actor-networks that come with social media and technological development. 
For anyone struggling to understand how a decision is made, Connecting Values to Action offers a pathway to finding the causes of that decision. Exploring the role of non-corporeal actants on the very real consequences of decisions, this is an unmissable book for students and researchers of management and decision-making.
1. Introduction; Christopher M. Hartt 
2. A Mighty River and Its Story-Acts: An Approach to Capture a More Holistic Network of Agencies; Shelley T. Price, Christopher M. Hartt, Denise Cole, and Alexandra (Ali) Barnes 
3. History in the Making: Following the Failed Attempt of Wolfgang Langewiesche in Pan American Airways History Project; Nicholous M. Deal, Albert J. Mills, Jean Helms Mills, and Gabriel Durepos 
4. Accounting Narratives: The Presentation of History in Budget Making; Lawrence T. Corrigan 
5. Research as Dance, Surfacing Complex Ideas: Explanation of basic method of interrogating NCAs, a guide to researchers; Christopher M. Hartt 
6. These Lips are No Longer Sealed: Restorying Non-Corporeal Connections through Mitzi Wall's First Seal Hunt; Shelley T. Price, Christopher M. Hartt, Mitzi Wall, Megan Baker, and Tammy Williams 
7. Comparing Institutional Theory and Actor-Network Theory through the Historical Development of Meritocracy; Keshav Krishnamurty  
8. NCAs in Prospection, #DeleteUber, #MeToo and Time's Up: The role of social media in the changing of corporate values; Christopher M. Hartt and Gretchen G. Pohlkamp 
9. Controversy as a Non-Corporeal Actant in the Community of Management Historians; Milorad M. Noviecevic and Albert J. Mills 
10. Recovering through Othering: An NCA Antidote to Existential Anxiety; Anthony R. Yue 
11. Steam Dream; Luc Peters 
12. Is History Corporeal?; Christopher M. Hartt 
13. Controversies in NCA Theory; Christopher M. Hartt
Christopher M. Hartt is an Associate Professor of Management in Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture. He developed Non-Corporeal Actant Theory in 2010 while undergoing PhD research on decision-making. He recently completed a SSHRC-funded project on Indigenous Entrepreneurship, and is currently in the midst of funded research into Greenhouse Gases and the Dairy Industry, as well as Community Pharmacy Dispensing Errors.

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