Comprehensive Strategic Management: A Guide for Students, Insight for Managers

Eric J. Bolland
University of Wisconsin, USA

Product Details
24 May 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
424 pages - 152 x 229mm
A breakthrough approach to strategic management is presented in this book. Traditionally, strategic management texts have offered a largely conceptual presentation of the subject followed by a separate and dominant section containing many different types of case studies. This book breaks from that by having fewer case studies but they are attached to the chapters in which relevant material is presented. This reinforces the subject for student and manager alike. Additionally, important concepts from the academic treatment of strategic management and the practice of it in organizations are integrated by using findings and drawing implications from the leading strategic management journals and the writings from top business publications. Consequently, all readers will become familiar with the practical tools of strategy management, how to use these tools and solve real world strategy issues. This book also sorts through the myriad of strategy research and theory to highlight the intellectual pillars which support the subject.
1. The Importance of Strategy 
2. Key Functions of Strategic Management 
3. People, Mission, Vision and Planning in Strategic Management 
4. Internal and External Analysis 
5. Generic Strategies and Strategy Dynamics 
6. Strategic Planning Process and Tools 
7. Competitive Analysis 
8. Innovation, Diffusion, Disruption and Entrepreneurship 
9. Ethics and Strategy 
10. Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Alliances 
11. International 
12. The People, Power and Strategy 
13. Performance
Eric Bolland has over thirty years of experience as a strategic manager in the private and public sector as well as concurrent experience as a full time business faculty member with both teaching and research experience. That includes teaching business policy and strategy at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Business, Cardinal Stritch University and Edgewood College. He was a business school division chair as well. 
He earned his doctorate in business administration from Nova Southeastern University and an M.A. in public administration from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His doctoral dissertation chair was Dr. Charles Hofer one of the founders of modern strategic management. His dissertation on high technology companies was published by Oxford University Press with Charles Hofer as co-author . The book was also translated into Spanish. Bolland has authored six other business books one of which he edited and authored was a finalist for Management Book of the Year by the Chartered Management Institute. Additionally, he has authored over twenty academic articles, conference papers and business press articles. 
In the past he served as a strategic marketing information manager for TDS, a Fortune 500 company, a strategic management consultant for Alliant Energy, a manager for the strategic support and planning unit of the CUNA Mutual Group and the executive director of an agency of the State of Wisconsin. He has also been a consultant for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, CUNA and Affiliates, Wisconsin Physicians Services and Madison Newspapers Inc.
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