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Competition Policies in Europe Vol: 239

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12 May 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
440 pages - 156 x 234 x 26mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


This volume contains chapters by different authors describing the development of competition policy in 10 European Union Member States, as well as the interaction of those policies with EU competition policy. The convergence of Member State competition policy to the EU approach is put in evidence, as is the influence of Member State practice on EU competition policy. The chapters are rich in institutional detail, but also analyze the functioning of competition policy from an economic point of view.
Introduction (S. Martin). Netherlands Cartel Policy ( W. Asbeek Brusse, R. Griffiths). German Cartel Policy (M. Neumann). The Evolution of UK Cartel Policy (G. Symeonidis). The Danish Competition Act (S. Albaek, P. Mollgaard and P. Baltzer Overgaard). Publicity vs. Prohibition & Punishment (S. Martin). Vertical Restraints: German Antitrust (U. Kamecke). Vertical Restraints (P. Seabright). Competition Policy in Belgium (L. Sleuwaegen, P. Van Cayseele). French Competition Policy (S. Mohand Souam). Irish Competition Policy (F. Barry, F. O'Toole). EC & Italian Competition Policy (F. Gobbo, M. Ferraro). Competition Policy in Europe (P.P. Barros, J. Mata). Privatization: Italian Energy (P. Valbonesi). Spanish Para-pharmaceuticals (A. Garcia, N. Georgantzis and M.V. Petit). Impact of Community Competition Law (L.L. Laudati). Contributors. Index.

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