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Comparing European Workers: Policies and Institutions Vol: 22, Part B

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22 Jun 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Research in the Sociology of Work


This second of two companion volumes places the labor markets, workplaces, jobs and workers of Europe in comparative perspective. It focuses on the politics, economics, sociology, and history of work and workers in Europe. It contains both qualitative and quantitative studies as well as explicitly theoretical work, and compares contemporary patterns and the recent history of European workers with other models of work worldwide. Authors contribute a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, with papers that push the boundaries of evidence and argument. Specific topics in "Comparing European Workers Volume 2: Policies and Institutions" include: the political economy of active social policy in postindustrial democracies; social protection dualism, deindustrialization and cost containment; organized labor in Europe; and, unionization in East European ex-communist countries. It asks such questions as 'does European-style welfare generosity discourage single mother employment?', 'whose interests do unions represent?' and 'are trade unions still redistributive?'.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Activating Workers? The Political Economy of Active Social Policy in Postindustrial Democracies. Does European-Style Welfare Generosity Discourage Single-Mother Employment?. Social Protection Dualism, De-Industrialization and Cost Containment. From Class to Market: Unionization in East European Ex-Communist Countries, 1990–2006. Organized Labor in European Countries, 1960–2006: Persistent Diversity and Shared Decline. Whose Interests do Unions Represent? Unionization by Income in Western Europe. Labor, Globalization and Inequality: Are Trade Unions Still Redistributive?. European Workers: Meaning-Making Beings. Comparing European Workers Part B: Policies and Institutions. Research in the sociology of work. Research in the sociology of work. Copyright page.

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