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Comparative Studies of Social and Political Elites Vol: 23

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01 Dec 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Comparative Social Research


How can the existence of elites be compatible with democratic governance? Any democratic society is inevitably confronted by this basic question. This book reviews existing research on elites and their interactions with those around them. How the recruitment to elites changes in the long run according to class and gender is one of the core themes of the present volume. Other topics explored include the relationship between elites and the population, collective action and elite cohesion, and elites and democracy. The approach is multinational, with examples provided from countries around the world. This is a valuable book for social science students and researchers of many disciplines, including sociology, political science and psychology. It offers a review on historical and current research on elites in society and includes an extensive discussion of class and gender. Examples from countries in different parts of the world allow for international insights.
I Elite Recuitment Left right left? The march of female representatives into the European parliaments and the role of leftist party affiliation Verona Christmas-Best Elite transformation in Denmark 1932-1999 Peter Munck Christiansen and Lise Togeby Importance of contacts and womens political representation. A study of Sweden and Norway Birgitta Niklasson II Elites: Motivation and action Do elite beliefs matter? Elites and economic reforms in the Baltic states and Russia Anton Steen Consensus or polarization? Business and labor elites in Germany and Norway Trygve Gulbrandsen and Ursula Hoffman-Lange Domestic elites in the transformation of the European polity. The case of Italy. Maurizio Cotta Political elites and conspicuous modesty. Norway, Sweden, Finland in comparative perspective Jean-Pascal Daloz Seductive heroes and ordinary human beings. Charismatic political leadership in France and Norway Anne Krogstad and Aagoth E. Storvik III Review section: Elites and democracy Democracy and elites John Higley Elites and democracy are they compatible? Ilkka Ruostetsaari

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