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Comparative Science: Interdisciplinary Approaches Vol: 26

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07 May 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
International Perspectives on Education and Society
It is natural to compare. Comparison is fundamental to understanding - not only understanding what makes one phenomenon like another but also what makes many phenomena different from the others. This volume focuses on the distinctions, overlap and integration of comparative studies across disciplinary boundaries, broadly speaking.
An Introduction to Comparing Comparative Methodologies: A Framework for Understanding Pitfalls and Operationalizing Promises. Quisnam Sum Ego? Crises of Identity in Comparative Education and the Call for a Comparison of Comparative Studies. Comparative Analysis: Methodological Optics in the Ideological Context. Early Childhood Teacher Education in Namibia and Canada. Comparative Interpretation Standards in Uniform International Law. Crossing the North-South Divide: A Critical Analysis of Study Abroad Programs to Emerging Nations. Higher Education and Social Trust: A European Comparative Perspective. The Role of Comparative Pedagogy in Comparative Educational Research. Situational Analysis of Education for International Understanding in Thailand. Family Needs and Female Work: A Comparative Survey of Public Policies and Private Choices on Equal Opportunities. Democratic School Governance, Leadership and Management: A Case Study of Two Schools in South Africa. About the Authors. Copyright page. Comparative Sciences: Interdisciplinary Approaches. List of Contributors. Preface. International Perspectives on Education and Society. Index. Comparative Sciences: Interdisciplinary Approaches.

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