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Community Campaigns for Sustainable Living: Health, Waste & Protest in Civil Society Vol: 7

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17 Oct 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
290 pages - 156 x 234 x 27mm
Advances in Ecopolitics
This book is based on research and observations undertaken for the author's PhD thesis at the National University of Ireland, and represents a case study of national and regional campaigns against both the Irish state's Regional Waste Management Plans and the corporate sector's attempts to develop waste incinerators or dumps in various parts of Ireland. This book provides an in depth account of the mobilizing patterns and framing processes of community campaigns which emerged in the wake of the Irish state's introduction of regional plans for waste management, which included plans for municipal 'waste to energy' plants or incinerators. It is the only book with a sole focus on this aspect of Irish society during the 'Celtic Tiger' boom which preceded the current economic downturn, and examines policy, population, development social issues and local and national electoral processes in detail at a time of immense change in the Republic of Ireland. As such, it provides a salient insight into the societal shifts which provide opportunities for social movements to oppose state or corporate plans which may be perceived to have human health or environmental risks associated with them.
About the Author. Dedication. Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction. Chapter 2 Theoretical Framework: Mobilising Internal Resources and Exploiting External Opportunities. Chapter 3 The Evolution of POS: Economic Growth and the Mobilisation and Framing of Comparative Cases. Chapter 4 Sustainable Development and the State's Waste Policy Framework. Chapter 5 Framing Perspectives on Waste Management: Political Opportunities and Resource Mobilisation in GSE's Case. Chapter 6 The Democratic Deficit Frame. Chapter 7 The Opportunities and Constraints of the Democratic Deficit Frame in the 2002 General Election. Chapter 8 Conclusion of the Study of the GSE Case. Postscript 1: The Galway Water Crisis. Postscript 2: Ecological Modernisation and Irish Environmental Policy. References. Subject Index. Community Campaigns for Sustainable Living: Health, Waste & Protest in Civil Society. Advances in Ecopolitics. Advances in Ecopolitics. Copyright page. Newspaper and Media Sources, and Interviews. Author Index.

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