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Communication as Social Theory: The Social Side of Knowledge Management

Jon-Arild Johannessen
Kristiania University College, Norway

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08 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
148 pages - 152 x 229mm
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Communication as Social Theory: The Social Side of Knowledge Management develops a social theory at micro level, with communication as the essential social mechanism within the theory. Leadership expert Johannessen examines how we can advance communication as social theory.

The communicative process has been framed as a sequence: select-create-detect. The 'select' element occurs when a positive choice to communicate something is made, thereby deselecting something else. In this book 44 case letters have been developed. These case letters are designed to deepen, underline and augment the 44 conceptual and empirical propositions that have been established. The core message is to promote change in social systems by focusing on changing micro-behaviours. In complex adaptable systems, the individual actors adapt their behaviour to each other on the basis of the local minimal rules. This means that one cannot take individual behaviour for granted, but one must instead investigate individual behaviour within specific contexts.

For students of Management Studies and professionals in Leadership this work is a must for expanding their understanding.
Chapter 1. Rudiments of a Social Theory at Micro Level Based on Communication
Chapter 2. Our Fundamental Experiences
Chapter 3. Identity: System – External World Distinction
Chapter 4. Relationships
Chapter 5. Ideas
Chapter 6. Understanding of Context
Chapter 7. Flexibility
Chapter 8. Communication in Systemic Thinking
Chapter 9. Main Conclusions: Communication as Social Theory
Jon-Arild Johannessen is Professor in Leadership at Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway. His research interests focus on management, knowledge and innovation in the economy.

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